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World leaders block Arctic coal shipment

Feature story | 2 October, 2009 at 0:00

Angela Merkel, Barack Obama and other world leaders took non-violent direct action today against a coal mine in Svalbard, denouncing the fossil fuel that is powering the meltdown of the Arctic.

Greenpeace documents disappearing glaciers

Press release | 7 August, 2002 at 0:00

Glaciers globally are under threat from climate change. Greenpeace went to Svalbard in the Actic Circle to document glaciers there.

World Leaders block shipment of Arctic coal at the top of the world

Press release | 2 October, 2009 at 11:27

Barack Obama, Angela Merkel and other world leaders today finally took action on climate change by preventing a shipment of coal from being loaded onto a transport ship from a mine in Svalbard, 1400 km from the North Pole. The activist heads of...

Leaving Ny-Ålesund

Blog entry by Dave Walsh | 13 July, 2010

Greenpeace International's Comms Project Manager, Dave Walsh writes from the Esperanza, as the Arctic Under Pressure Expedition 2010 sadly comes to an end. Following its return from the far north of Svalbard, where it had been...

Fogbows at 81 North

Blog entry by Dave Walsh | 8 July, 2010

Dave Walsh writes from Esperanza, currently sailing the Arctic ocean as part of Greenpeace's Arctic Under Pressure Expedition 2010 . While we’ve been off the coast of Svalbard, we’ve had had all kinds of weather – but luckily...

Deep Down and Full of Life

Blog entry by Iris Menn | 16 June, 2010 2 comments

Iris, a marine biologist and oceans campaigner from Greenpeace Germany, explores the bottom of the Arctic ocean. I am Iris, an oceans campaigner from Greenpeace Germany, and part of the Arcitc Under Pressure Expedition team .

Uncovering the Arctic

Blog entry by Dave Walsh | 11 June, 2010 5 comments

Greenpeace International Comms officer Dave Walsh blogs from the Esperanza in the Arctic Ocean. The Esperanza is currently at anchor just offshore from the town of Longyearbyen, in the Arctic islands of Svalbard, from where...

Why there are no penguins in the Arctic.

Blog entry by Dave Walsh | 8 July, 2010 7 comments

A sequel to Dave Walsh's blog from the Esperanza, Fogbows at 81 North . Throughout the Esperanza’s journey around the coast of Svalbard , we’ve been kept company by several species of alcid – the auks and the guillemots.

Frozen in time

Blog entry by Frida Bengtsson | 22 September, 2011 4 comments

I will never forget Pyramiden , an abandoned Russian mining town on Svalbard that I visited last year. Walking over green grass unheard of in the Arctic and passing by building complexes that could be the homes of hundreds of people.

Mesocosms set up and running in Svalbard

Blog entry by Janet Cotter | 14 June, 2010

A blog entry by Dr. Janet Cotter, scientist on board the Esperanza for the Arctic Under Pressure Expedition . As the Esperanza leaves Ny Ålesund and Svalbard, the mesocosms are all set up and running, and our job...

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