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Concrete stranglehold

Feature story | 10 July, 2006 at 17:00

Tourism can be done sustainably, but poses an inherent conundrum: The more pristine and beautiful a place is, the more people want to visit. Yet, as more and more people visit, the environmental and social impacts can destroy the very reasons...

Red Sea at risk

Feature story | 28 June, 2006 at 12:28

Millions of tourists flock to Egypt every year for diving in the Red Sea where coral reefs along much of the coast support a colourful and diverse range of species - including dolphins, sharks, manta rays, turtles and dugongs. The direct impact...

Whale watching and Caribbean Island tourism.

Publication | 1 December, 2001 at 0:00

Whale watching is a billion dollar industry, practised in more than 87 different countries and territories world wide, attracting over nine million boat and land based participants per year. In 1998, the value of the global whale watching...

FACTSHEET: The Gulf of California: Tourism that kills

Publication | 5 December, 2006 at 15:29

The Gulf of California, also known as the “World’s Aquarium”, receives around 2.1 million tourists every year. More than half of them are foreigners, mostly from the U.S. They generate revenue of nearly 2,000 million dollars. 68.8% of the...

Maldives - Island Kingdom Under Change

Video | 12 December, 2008 at 14:35

The Maldives, one of the lowest lying countries, is threatened by sea level rise. The first country to sign the Kyoto protocol in 1997 and is following the climate negotiations.

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