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Change in commenting system

Blog entry by JulietteH | 21 December, 2010 1 comment

We mentioned when this new site went live a few months ago that we'd have regular improvements - and here's one. As we have a better spam filter, we're now allowing comments by unregistered users. Hopefully, more of you will now be...

Welcome to your new Greenpeace website

Blog entry by Andrew - Greenpeace | 4 May, 2010 6 comments

Thanks for visiting.  This website is made for you.  Specifically, this site is first and foremost for our supporters - that small percentage of people who not only wish the world was a better place, but are also ready to do...

Copenhagen week 1: Tove tells it like it is

Blog entry by Lisa | 11 December, 2009

Tove Ryding, one our political advisors from Denmark - spoke at the CAN International Press Conference this morning. Watch her brilliantly phrased comments about the latest events in Copenhagen below. If you have...

Slovakia restarts the Bohunice V1 reactor

Blog entry by Justin | 12 January, 2009 1 comment

Slovakia's Prime Minister Robert Fico has ordered the country’s Bohunice V1 reactor restarted in the face of the ongoing dispute between Russian and the Ukraine over gas supplies. As we discussed last week , this really is an...

Mapping our losses

Blog entry by Martin Lloyd | 27 March, 2007

For some time I've been looking for software that will produce maps of the world where the size of territories is distorted by some relevant metric (population, carbon emissions, GDP per head etc). Now I've found the World Mapper ...

On the left

Image | 4 July, 2005 at 0:00

On the left, the computer and systems operator (Sjoerd Jongens) which ran our website in the early 1990s. On the right, the system which runs our office network in 2005.

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