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Ecological Farming and Food campaign

Greenpeace is campaigning for agriculture that is good for the planet and people. Healthy food grown with the environment — not against it. Farming that helps cope with climate change.

Quick facts about agriculture:

  • 6 Big Ag giants control nearly 70 percent of the world's seed market, much of which has been genetically-modified so they can reap profits on every seed they sell.

  • 4 global corporations control 75% of all global grain trade.

  • Top 10 global food processing companies control 26% of the global food markets.

  • Animal livestock (beef, chicken, etc.) -- mostly grown on industrial factory farms -- is responsible for 18 percent of all greenhouse gas emissions, more than the combined exhaust of all motor vehicles worldwide.

The latest updates


GE-Free Future Rally in Spain

Image | 17 April, 2010 at 15:43

17 April 2010 - Spain. Greenpeace Spain GE campaigner Juan Felipe Carrasco (arm in the air) joins the demonstration for a GE-free future of farming and food. Farmers, environmentalists and consumers from all over Spain demonstrate in Madrid under...

GE-Free Future Tour - Spain

Blog entry by Teresa Belkow | 16 April, 2010

An entry by GE-free future bus crew member Jonas Hulsens After the crossing of the Mediterranean Pyrenees iwe arrived in Spain, with 76.000 hectares the only European country that grows Monsanto's GE maize MON810 on a significant...

GE-Free Future Tour - Danish Environment Minister wants national GE potato ban

Blog entry by Teresa Belkow | 16 April, 2010

"Denmark will introduce a national ban on the BASF GE potato Amflora". This was what the Danish minister of environment, Karen Ellemann, told media and public yesterday when they gathered at a Greenpeace rally to eat GE-free organic...

GE-free tour - Field Party in Germany

Blog entry by Teresa Belkow | 14 April, 2010 1 comment

Activists plant 'good' potatoes Our 20 acitivists planted 450 kg of the alternative starch potatoes Henriette and Eliane from Avebe on 1,5 ha. The whole field acreage for cultivation of Amflora is 20ha. It is the only field in...

GE-Free Future Tour - France, Perpignan

Blog entry by Teresa Belkow | 13 April, 2010

This is a post by Jonas Hulsens, Sustainable Agriculture Campaigner from Belgium who is on our GE-free bus tour of Europe This morning, standing on the balcony of our hotel room, the peaceful view on the snow-covered slopes of...

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