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Stop climate change

Faced with the choice of deadly, dirty, dangerous energy like coal, oil and nuclear power, or safe, clean and renewable power, what would you decide?
Renewable energy, smartly used, can and will meet our demands. No oil spills, no climate change, no radiation danger, no nuclear waste – simply energy we can trust. We can achieve a world with 100% renewable energy.

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Late Night With Nanuk

Blog entry by Dave | 6 August, 2009 4 comments

It’s five minutes past midnight on board the Arctic Sunrise. The sun never sets at this time of year; instead it casts long late shadows on the ice, and turns the sea water and icebergs buttery yellows and infinite blues. Some of us...

Whitehills, Bluewater, Greenland

Blog entry by Eric Philips | 31 July, 2009 5 comments

It's not often that I balk at an adventure, particularly if it involves ice or a kayak or both, but the suggestion that we paddle a river flowing on the surface of the Petermann Glacier brought my heart rate up a notch or two. "The...

Petermann: Prepare your brain

Blog entry by Bob | 28 July, 2009 2 comments

We may not have seen Petermann Glacier for a while, but we're still lying in wait as more of it fractures every day. Meanwhile, the crew are still compiling their memories of the glacier. Here's a some impressions of Petermann Glacier...

Hans Island

Blog entry by Juliette | 22 July, 2009 2 comments

As the Arctic Sunrise made its way down from Petermann glacier to the Kane Bassin, it passed a very small island that gets a lot more attention than it should - Hans Island . If it was located anywhere else, it would be just what...

Captain's Blog: Petermann Glacier

Blog entry by Pete Willcox | 22 July, 2009 2 comments

There is never a bad time to go out for a walk on the deck and enjoy the scenery. Because the sun is always up, there are some times that are better than others. And speaking of time, longitude up here in the Arctic, it ain't what it...

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