Go 100% renewables!

Stop climate change

Faced with the choice of deadly, dirty, dangerous energy like coal, oil and nuclear power, or safe, clean and renewable power, what would you decide?
Renewable energy, smartly used, can and will meet our demands. No oil spills, no climate change, no radiation danger, no nuclear waste – simply energy we can trust. We can achieve a world with 100% renewable energy.

The latest updates


A Facebook message from Mark Zuckerberg

Blog entry by Laura K. | 29 September, 2010 6 comments

The week before last Evan from San Francisco watched our ‘Facebook: Unfriend Coal’ video and decided to send a Facebook message to Mark Zuckerberg – CEO and founder of the social network that has now surpassed 500 million users...

Going Beyond Oil

Blog entry by Philip Radford | 22 September, 2010

Despite the overwhelming evidence that Big Oil's reckless pursuit of the last remaining oil reserves (and ever-more exorbitant profits) is disastrous for the planet, governments of the world are still greenlighting dangerous...

How many activists can you fit on top of a drill ship anchor?

Blog entry by LisaV | 21 September, 2010

Here's a short but sweet clip of Greenpeace climbers Anais (from Germany) and Victor (from Sweden) setting up their equipment on top the anchor chain of the Stena Carron drilling ship off Shetland. You really get a sense of just how...

Greenpeace Activists End Arctic Oil Rig Occupation

Feature story | 2 September, 2010 at 15:25

Severe weather has forced activists to end their occupation of the Stena Don oil rig in the Arctic last night: after two days of hanging some 15 meters above the frigid Arctic waters and forcing the rigs operators, Cairn Energy, to suspend...

UPDATE: Greenpeace Activists arrested

Blog entry by Jess Miller | 2 September, 2010 5 comments

From Ben onboard the Esperanza in the Arctic ... Well that was dramatic. Yesterday afternoon the seas started churning and our huge banner on the oil rig was twisting and flapping as a gale blew up. I spoke to the four activists...

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