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Faced with the choice of deadly, dirty, dangerous energy like coal, oil and nuclear power, or safe, clean and renewable power, what would you decide?
Renewable energy, smartly used, can and will meet our demands. No oil spills, no climate change, no radiation danger, no nuclear waste – simply energy we can trust. We can achieve a world with 100% renewable energy.

The latest updates


India light bulb phase out: setting a smart example

Feature story | February 25, 2009 at 0:00

How many light bulbs can 1 billion people change? About 400 million wasteful incandescent bulbs, in India’s case. Today, India has put in place a market mechanism that will phase out incandescent bulbs, making way for a cleaner energy future. The...

Nuclear wishful thinking ...

Blog entry by laurak | February 23, 2009

'Nuclear Power? Yes please ...' was one of the headlines on the homepage of The Independent this morning. If you read on you learned that four of the UK's leading environmentalists were urging Britain to embrace nuclear power "because...

Solar Generation at the Climate Rescue Station

Blog entry by Lisa | December 10, 2008

Three young delegates in Poznan, from our Solar Generation team, have written about their experiences in Poznan and visiting the Climate Rescue Station in Konin (from left to right in the image above: Andrea, Leah and Asia) By Leah,...

Carbon capture and the violation of domestic peace

Blog entry by Lisa | November 24, 2008 3 comments

I have just been released from a police station in Konin after taking part in an action today. I am back at our camp now - inside the dome - trying to make my frozen fingers move so I can tell you about it. This morning, 22 of us...

Journey to the center of the Earth

Blog entry by Andrew | November 24, 2008

Just found this update from Lisa in my in box. It's her first look at the climate rescue station (perched beside a coal mine in Poland). I have arrived at the Climate Rescue Station! Sadly - Gene went home to India today. He's such a...

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