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October 24th International Day of Climate Action

Background - 24 October, 2009
On October 24th, Greenpeace joined with and a broad coalition of groups to participate in an international day of action against Climate Change.

Thanks to everyone who joined --  in total more than 5,400 events were scheduled to take place around the world.  There were rallies in Ethiopia, bike rides in Wellington, SCUBA divers in Australia,  tree-plantings in Thailand, hundreds of students marching in India and Nepal and Mongolia, a dance in Amsterdam,  snowboarders forming the number 350 on a snow-covered slopein Wanaka, New Zealand, and hikers unfurled a 350 banner atop the tallest mountain in Antarctica.

(Wondering what all this "350" is about? Scientists say that 350 parts per million CO2 in the atmosphere is the safe limit for humanity. You can read more at

Here's a gallery of actions all across the world:

And here's a couple of things our ships were up to:

RW With 350 banner

That's the current Rainbow Warrior displaying a 350 banner in Spain. The first Rainbow Warrior was sunk by French agents in New Zealand back in 1985.  Below, you can watch divers displaying another 350 banner on the wreckage.