The Arctic is not for sale

Norway must not drill in the Russian Arctic!

Norwegian company Statoil is partnering with Russian company Rosneft, the dirtiest oil company in the world, to drill in the Russian Arctic.

In Norway Statoil is forbidden from drilling in ice covered areas, but in Russia it plans to do just this. This is a huge double standard.

In Norway Statoil is required to follow high environmental standards. In Russia it will partner with Rosneft, a company that has already turned vast areas of Siberia into an environmental catastrophe zone. Now Rosneft plans to ravage the Arctic shelf for oil.

Norway’s Prime-Minister must say NO to Statoil’s joint venture with Rosneft!

Rosneft has neither the technology nor the funds to do this alone. In order to drill in the Arctic, it is searching for partners in the West - like Statoil. Their partnership is a dire threat to the Arctic.

Demand that Statoil stop using double standards - it should follow the same environmental standards not just at home but everywhere. Statoil must stay out of the Arctic!