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You have sent over 200.000 e-mails to Nestlé asking them to remove palm oil coming from rainforest destruction from their supply chain. They haven't. The reality is that the questions you have raised in your messages to them remain unanswered. In fact, they are beginning to block e-mails coming from other supporters of our Kit Kat campaign.

It's time to give Nestlé a call. Here are three good reasons why:

1. Nestlé has said publicly it will cancel contracts with forest destroyer Sinar Mas in Indonesia - but the reality is it will still be using Sinar Mas palm oil elsewhere, coming from other suppliers like Cargill.

2. Nestlé must commit to real action now to stop dealing with companies destroying rainforests - its not good enough for them to seek to do better by 2015. Rainforests, peatlands and orang-utans cannot wait any longer for Nestlé to take action.

3. Nestle must ensure that it has cut Sinar Mas out of its supply chain completely – meaning it must also no longer buy products from APP, Sinar Mas's pulp company, either.

Ready to give them a call and ask a few polite questions?

Step 1: Here's a suggestion of what you could say to Nestlé:

"I'm calling you today regarding Nestlé's use of palm oil and products that come from destroyed rainforests.

I have already e-mailed you about the use of palm oil from destroyed forests and peatlands in your products.

As a consumer, I don't think it is acceptable for a company like Nestlé to use palm oil or other products such as paper from forest destruction.

I ask that you immediately stop buying Sinar Mas' palm oil or paper products, this includes palm oil or products supplied to you by other companies who are still buying from Sinar Mas.

Nestle has said it is concerned about the serious environmental threat to rainforests and peatlands caused by the planting of palm oil plantations – will Nestle also support a moratorium on forest destruction and measures to protect peatlands in Indonesia?

Please tell your CEO Mr. Paul Bulcke that I'd like him to take action on the points I've just mentioned.

If you would like a bit more background info - here are some additional talking points.

Step 2: Choose a Nestlé customer service phone number from the list provided below and give them a call.

Is a number for your region not there? Well - luckily Nestlé has a very informative page where you can find the number for your area.


Not a phone person? Nestlé also provides a 'Contact Us' form on its website for those who prefer to speak with them this way. You could use the same suggested text for the phone conversation in the Contact Form and personalize the message if you like!

Click here for Nestlé's contact form.

Nestlé's customer service numbers:

Need to see an example? Watch Patrick call Nestlé:

Videotape your own call to show us how it went and leave us a link
in the comments. We'd love to see it first-hand!
Austria: 0800/06 66 60
Belgium: +32-2-529 52 52
Canada: 1 800 387-4636
Denmark: +45 35 46 01 00
France: 0811 812 813
Germany: + 49-69-66 71 1
India: 0124-2389300
Italy: 800 - 434434
Mexico: (55) 5624-2149 or 01800-363-7853
Netherlands: +31-(0)20 5699 699
New Zealand: 0800 830 840
Poland: +48 800174902
Switzerland: 0800 860 020
Spain: 902 112113 or 93 4805675
UK: 00800 63785385

Step 3: Tell us how it went!

Leave a comment below and let us know how the call went - what kind of response did you get? Please share your comments on Facebook and Twitter to encourage other supporters to make the call.

Did you get read the 'Prepared Palm Oil Statement'? Get it decoded here.

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