Rescue the climate - Aerial art

Background - 10 December, 2010
As the UN climate negotiations come to a close tomorrow, there is a possibility that delegates and ministers could get caught up in a sea of bad proposals and bad text and in serious need of a life line from the public. They might need to be rescued from the risk of low ambition, and we want to show them that civil society is ready to act.


You! Are you in Cancun and ready to take action on climate change? Are you willing to be part of an aerial art project that will produce a message directly to the decision makers at the climate negotiations? Then please come down to the beach tomorrow morning and be part of the action!


Tcktcktck and Greenpeace are working with John Quigley, the internationally renowned aerial artist to create a strong message for the last official day of the negotiations.

Basically, we will use people(that's you) and a very large life ring to create a moving picture of civil society throwing a life ring to the decision makers at the COP.

We will need people to be dressed either in all green or all blue and ready to take instructions on where to stand in order to make this beautiful image.

Civil society will start the activity by forming the "Earth" inside the 15 meter wide inflatable life ring, at the beach. Then, civil society rises and carries the life ring into the water, "throwing" a life line to the "drowning delegates", who are already out at sea. The delegates then swim to the ring, climb on and enter it,  being rescued by civil society. The intention is to create an image that:

- Show that civil society wants action on climate change now!
- Bring hope to the critical last day of the negotiations.


Friday, December 10th.  08:00am!  Its crucial that people get there on time to get clothes and briefing instructions. We plan to be finished at 10:30 am.



At the beach, in front of the Crown Paradise Hotel, Zona Hotelera, Km 18 of the Kukulcan Blvd. The public access to the beach is called  "Playa Delfines" and it's 500 meters north from the hotel, on a lookout called "El Mirador". There is a parking area and a federal police check point there. From "El Mirador", walk down to the sand and turn right, towards the Crown Paradise. You will see a giant inflatable life ring sitting on the sand.

If you have any questions, please call Adam Shore at 998 202 4616 or Joao Talocchi at 998 216 6190.

We hope to see you all tomorrow, to help rescue these negotiation and have some fun!