UN Climate Conference, 28 November - 9 December 2011 — Durban, South Africa

COP17 Durban logoGreenpeace is calling on governments in Durban to listen to the people and not the polluting corporations, and:

    • Ensure a peak in global emissions by 2015
    • Emission reductions: Close the gap between politics and science
    • Ensure that the Kyoto Protocol continues and provide a mandate for a comprehensive legally binding instrument
    • Deliver the necessary climate finance
    • Set up a framework for protecting forests in developing countries
    • Address the needs of the most vulnerable countries and communities
    • Ensure global cooperation on technology and energy finance
    • Ensure international transparency in assessing and monitoring country commitments and actions
    • Ensure transparency, democracy and full participation in the UNFCCC process

The latest updates


Cisco, Ericsson, Fujitsu Top Cool IT Leaderboard

Blog entry by Jodie Van Horn | 7 December, 2010 2 comments

Today at the climate negotiations in Cancun we released the fourth version of the COOL IT Leaderboard , which awards top marks to Cisco , Ericsson and Fujitsu . Cisco holds onto the highest rank for its commitment to building...

Real people can't live underwater

Blog entry by Brady Bradshaw | 6 December, 2010

Today, Greenpeace and 350.org teamed up for the photo op of a lifetime. In crystal clear water, in the middle of the ocean, we could see Jason Taylor’s sculptures sitting at the sea floor as we pulled up to the area of The Silent...

Cancun - negotiations enter week two

Blog entry by Daniel Kessler | 6 December, 2010

We are now one week into the Cancun climate talks .  Yes, progress comes at a glacial pace--sometimes it feels like it doesn’t come at all--and the signals here are mixed on just what will happen when the traveling carnival known as...

COP16 Report: IT Companies Turn Out, But Still Need to Turn it Up

Blog entry by Jodie Van Horn | 6 December, 2010

Countries of the world have converged once again to negotiate a new global deal to tackle climate change, one that will build on the Kyoto Protocol, whose emission reduction commitments expire at the end of 2012.  Inability to reach a...

Are Corporations Showing Governments How to Compromise on Climate?

Blog entry by Jodie Van Horn | 4 December, 2010 1 comment

Global businesses set a shining example to governments at the Cancun climate talks this week when the Consumer Goods Forum, a consortium of over 400 companies, pledged to implement climate-friendly refrigeration using natural...

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