UN Climate Conference, 28 November - 9 December 2011 — Durban, South Africa

COP17 Durban logoGreenpeace is calling on governments in Durban to listen to the people and not the polluting corporations, and:

    • Ensure a peak in global emissions by 2015
    • Emission reductions: Close the gap between politics and science
    • Ensure that the Kyoto Protocol continues and provide a mandate for a comprehensive legally binding instrument
    • Deliver the necessary climate finance
    • Set up a framework for protecting forests in developing countries
    • Address the needs of the most vulnerable countries and communities
    • Ensure global cooperation on technology and energy finance
    • Ensure international transparency in assessing and monitoring country commitments and actions
    • Ensure transparency, democracy and full participation in the UNFCCC process

The latest updates


A good REDD deal is a green light for forest protection

Blog entry by Kumi Naidoo | 2 December, 2010 3 comments

See the original on the Huffington Post Orang-utans are victims of forest destruction in the Indonesian rainforests as their habitat is cleared by industries like palm, pulp and paper. Image: Will Rose / Greenpeace The...

Solar Generation youth delegates fight for solutions in Cancun

Blog entry by Frederic AMIEL | 1 December, 2010 1 comment

The Solar Generation crew is at the UN climate talks once again this year, bringing voices from around the world to Cancun to be heard at the negotiations. Many of them arrived in Mexico earlier in the month to attend the Conference of...

Cancun climate talks

Press release | 30 November, 2010 at 21:44

Cancun – 29 November 2010- Greenpeace today challenged Governments gathering in Cancun for the climate talks to build momentum for a strong climate deal.

Breaking tradition in Cancun

Blog entry by Jess Miller | 30 November, 2010

The first day of the COP16 has come to close. There was lots of traffic, security, speeches, ceremonies, all following the normal first day traditions of a UN climate meeting. For the next two weeks though,  what I hope to see is...

Cancun is all about choice

Blog entry by Jess Miller | 27 November, 2010 1 comment

In just two days, hundreds of country delegations will once again come together for the UN Climate Summit – this time in Cancun, Mexico. Last year many of you took action, joining the 17 million people demanding action by heads of...

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