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With the world on the brink of runaway climate change, millions are anxious about the effects that a warmer globe will have on our everyday lives. Wanting to learn, act and agitate is a perfectly valid response.

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Join a global community of Greenpeace activists that hail from 225 countries and territories. Our long list of victories prove that when we speak with one voice, we can change the world. Sign up and you'll get a monthly newsletter and action alerts full of ways you can be a one minute activist. It's all free.

They always say time changes things, but

you actually have to change them yourself.  

Andy Warhol, Artist (1928, 1987)

 Be Part of the Solar Generation

Climate change is a problem that the current generation is imposing on many to come. Greenpeace's global youth activism community is centered around clean energy solutions for the future.

Volunteer in your country

Check out the inspiring actions that hundred have taken worldwide over Greenpeace's history. We are working in 28 offices in 42 countires. We can use help - from envelope stuffing to banner painting. In some countries we provide action and non-violence training to folks willing to become activists.

Save energy and save the climate

Everyone can do their bit at home to reduce their pressure on the climate. Oh, and save money too!

Strong reasons make strong actions

William Shakespeare, from King John (1564-1616)

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We don't accept donations from governments or corporations, so the money needed to keep our campaigns running comes from people like you. Your donation will make all the difference.

The latest updates


How New Zealand stood up to the fossil fools

Blog entry by Nick Young | 23 March, 2016

Greenpeace New Zealand coordinated one of the largest civil disobedience climate protests in their country’s history... and it was a beautiful thing. More than 200 people descended on New Zealand’s largest oil industry conference...

How coal is deepening the water crisis in India

Blog entry by Subrata Biswas | 22 March, 2016 1 comment

New Greenpeace International  research released today , on World Water Day, finds that coal power plants around the world consume enough freshwater to sustain one billion people. One photographer in India documented the impacts on...

Evaluating the Paris Deal

Blog entry by Rex Weyler | 5 February, 2016 5 comments

Hope and failure coexist in the Paris climate agreement. One may want to curse or cheer the deal, but it is history now, and we have to get on with it. The agreement provides an opportunity to assess our ecological progress and prepare...

The island nation rising up to be a hero for climate action

Blog entry by Kumi Naidoo | 13 August, 2015

Out in the central Pacific Ocean, straddling the equator and the International Date Line, lies an island group in Micronesia called Kiribati (pronounced 'Kiri-bas'). It’s not “famous” like Hawaii, Bali or Tahiti but its scenery is just...

China begins the long march to Paris

Blog entry by Li Shuo | 1 July, 2015 1 comment

In the politics of climate change, it doesn't get much bigger than this. The world's biggest emitter last night announced how it intends to reduce its carbon emission beyond 2020.  China has joined 41 other nations to unveil its...

These images show why China could be ready to save climate politics

Blog entry by Qiuxia Wang | 30 June, 2015 1 comment

Air pollution. Nobody can escape it. Young or old, rich or poor, everyone is affected by the fine particulate matter hanging over many cities across China. These images by celebrated photographer, Lu Guang, take you on a...

Global Warming Update

Blog entry by Rex Weyler | 29 May, 2015 12 comments

March 2015 was the warmest March in a 136 years of records, and CO 2 levels are now higher than they have been in 800,000 years. If you are an environmental activist, or someone who cares and wants to help, you may find yourself...

Is this a blip or a tip in humanity's onslaught on the climate?

Blog entry by Kumi Naidoo | 18 March, 2015 5 comments

Reports that the growth in carbon pollution paused last year should give heart to climate campaigners and clean energy investors around the world. The figures, from the International Energy Agency, no less, will come as a cold shower...

Repsol and the Spanish government, no honour among thieves

Blog entry by Julio Barea | 27 January, 2015 4 comments

Nearly two months since the Spanish navy recklessly rammed and injured peaceful protestors who were standing up to Repsol, the Spanish oil giant announced their decision to scrap their oil exploration off the Canary Islands' coast.

From typhoon hit Philippines, a call for climate justice

Blog entry by Aaron Gray-Block | 11 December, 2014

Smashed houses, fallen trees and streets littered with debris greeted us when Greenpeace arrived in Dolores, Eastern Samar, on Tuesday after Typhoon Hagupit made a direct hit on the seaside town. Much of the region's crops had been...

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