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Water is essential for life, but it is also the world's most threatened essential resource. Greenpeace is campaigning to stop industry poisoning our water with hazardous, persistent and hormone-disrupting chemicals. Together, we can demand that companies and governments act NOW to detox our rivers, detox our planet, and ultimately detox our future. Get involved.

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The latest updates


A toxic river runs through it

Feature story | 8 June, 2010 at 16:10

Russian waters are being poisoned by hazardous substances that sometimes exceed hundreds of times the safe limit as set by authorities. This was the finding of an historic ship tour as the Greenpeace flag sailed into Moscow for the very first...

Keep Lake Baikal alive

Blog entry by JulietteH | 31 May, 2010 4 comments

Greenpeace Russia has been working on defending Lake Baikal, the world's larget fresh water lake, for many years. As that unique site is treatened once again, they are asking for your help. Lake Baikal is a place of...

Water journal part 4: A middle aged villager reflects on the cause of water pollution

Video | 6 April, 2010 at 17:39

A middle-aged villager reflected on the cause of water pollution with his closing remarks that better quality of water seems to be hopeless, "I would love to see the quality of water gets better, but it would be extremely difficult, as the water...

Water journal Part 3: Water samples

Video | 28 March, 2010 at 17:37

Please stayed tuned for a comprehensive collection of water samples at Bangnangkreng canal.

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