Forest solutions - Ecoforestry in Papua New Guinea

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Ecoforestry in Papua New Guinea - protecting the forest and local economies

The islands of Papua New Guinea are home to some of the most important – and most beautiful – tropical rainforests in the world. Does ecoforestry represent a viable option for the region’s forest communities and ecosystems?
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The Great Bear Rainforest Agreement - a forest solution in the making

Great Bear rainforest Agreement

How did we go from certain destruction to forest protection in Canada's Great Bear Rainforest?
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Good Oil - a solution to destructive industrial-scale oil palm plantations

Good oil

Oil palm plantations have expanded rapidly over the past two decades in Indonesia, clearing large swathes of natural forest and critical peatland areas. Promises of economic development and jobs to local communities have not come true for many. An innovative, independent small-holder approach has delivered social and economic benefits and helped protect the remaining forest.
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