Keeping the FSC credible

While Greenpeace continues to support the FSC, we cannot indefinitely endorse a system that is not globally consistent in its certification of forest management and controlled wood. Along with other FSC members across its chambers, we are working to achieve the following key improvements in FSC operations and procedures so that the environmental and social values of forests are maintained under the FSC seal of approval.

FSC members, certification bodies, stakeholders and consumers must hold FSC accountable to ensure its standards and policies are strengthened, consistently applied and met to ensure that the ecological and social values of forests managed under the FSC seal of approval are maintained.

FSC must:

  1. Support the conservation of Intact Forest Landscapes (IFLs) and other HCVs via the International Generic Indicators (IGI) process, and provide guidance on HCV identification and on their maintenance and enhancement.

  2. Establish safeguards for FSC certification in "high risk" regions facing rampant social conflict and human rights violations, including prioritising the development of a robust Policy for Association due diligence approach – which ensures the disclosure of a company's ownership, including parent, sister and subsidiary companies – and compliance guidance.

  3. Tighten the controlled wood system by: increasing the scope and rigour of National Risk Assessments (NRAs) and its control measures, requiring field verification in the absence of a NRA, and implement measures for transition to full forest management certification including a phase-out of CW by 2018;

  4. Improve on the ground performance by holding certification bodies (CBs) accountable for meeting the FSC's standards. Also, increase FSC's level of transparency by requiring that Accreditation Services International (ASI) and CBs publish all assessment reports, including the location of forest management units, HCVs and protected areas.

  5. Increase its support for smallholders and community forest managers to achieve FSC certification across the FSC network, including swiftly implementing the Modular Approach Programme standard.