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Polluting waste incinerator near local community in East Liverpool.


Society continues to generate more waste and to change this alarming trend; strong political and industrial measures are urgently needed.

Despite what industry and governments would like people to believe,incineration is not a solution to the world's waste problems, but partof the problem.

Incinerators may reduce the volume of solid waste, but they do notdispose of the toxic substances contained in the waste. They create thelargest source of dioxins, which is one of the most toxic chemicalsknown to science.

Incinerators emit a wide range of pollutants in their stack gases,ashes and other residues. The filters used to clean incinerator stackgases produce solid and liquid toxic wastes, which also need to bedisposed.

The only way to improve the situation is to avoid toxic waste production by improving our products and processes.

Public opposition to incineration isgrowing worldwide. People are recognising that there is no place forthe incineration of waste in a sustainable society.

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