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Let's get to work to stop climate change

Background - 13 July, 2010
We're teaming up with, 10:10, and a global coalition of folks doing something about climate change to create a global day of action: the 10/10/10 Work Party. Help us make October 10th the biggest single day of action against climate change that the world has ever seen.

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Top 10 ideas for activities

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#1 Organize a street party in your neighborhood and invite experts to teach your community about ways on how you can decrease a household’s carbon footprint.

Here is a list of suggested workshops and tips on organizing one:

  • Workshop on how families can maximize the potential electricity savings at home. From smart power use, avoiding energy waste and structural or design changes. Ask your guests to share what they’ve done at home.
  • Workshop on bicycle safety and maintenance. Get your local bicycle shop to co-host the event by providing a mechanic or ask avid-cyclists in your neighborhood if they’re interested to be one.
  • Workshop on growing your own food and making organic compost. Invite your local garden center to talk about which plants are suitable to your area’s weather and endemic to the place.


#2 Get your community to switch to green energy

Sometimes, it’s just a matter of letting people know that they have a choice! Some tips in getting your community to switch:

  • Research all the renewable energy providers in your area and make a leaflet about it. Include advice on smart energy usage.
  • It’s time to chat with your neighbor! Knock on their doors; having a face-to-face conversation is a great way for people to take on your challenge.
  • If the energy providers in your area don’t offer green energy – start a petition to get your community to demand them to do so.


#3 Veggie dinner or picnic

Organize a dinner or picnic with friends and family and serve only yummy vegetarian food. By the end of the dinner, get them to commit to go meat-free at least 1 day a week.

Remember to opt for local and organic ingredients


#4 Mass Bike Riding

Gather hundreds of friends and friends of friends for a mass bike ride to show how a car-free community could look like. If your area doesn’t have the proper infrastructure to make cycling safe and convenient, get your school or office to install bike racks. Also ask your local government to designate more bike lanes in your community.


#5 Deliver a message about dirty fuels to your local government

If you have a local dirty power plant, take some photos of the facility and deliver them to your local government. Tell your leader about the risks this power plant represents to the community and to the planet. Remind them that what your community need is an Energy [R]evolution.


#6 Tell our leaders to “get to work” for you, not dirty energy companies

Research how much money your local representative have received from dirty energy companies. Deliver giant price tags or checks to politicians that say how much dirty energy money they’ve received. Remind them that what their voters want is an Energy [R]evolution.


#7 Organize a party demonstrating energy solutions to show your leaders that you want an Energy [R]evolution in your community. Some of the things you can do are:

  • Gather lots of people and go to a dirty energy facility near your home Hold mini wind turbines to show the contrast between clean and dirty energy.
  • Set up an exhibit area featuring solar-powered lamps, solar cookers, solar-powered charging stations for laptops and mobile phone.


#8 Put Solar On It

Ask by letter, phone, email or personally your local politician whether they will install solar energy and/or hot water systems on their roof on the Energy [R]evolution work party. If they agree, great! If they don’t, you could pool community money to buy them one, and deliver it to the office. Ask them to pay the tab after they accept it!


#9 Plant a tree in front of a dirty energy power plant or at the site of a proposed plant.

Better yet, gather 100 people and plant 100 trees or a thousand! Do your homework first to make sure you find a spot where you can do this legally. Your local garden center might be able to donate some trees and teach you the best way to plant them. Check out the status of the trees after you’ve planted it.


#10 Conduct an energy audit at your local government representative’s office and get them to support an Energy [R]evolution.

Get them to choose a green energy provider to power the building or implementing smart ways on reducing greenhouse gas emissions, or commit to a renewable energy source for your community instead of hosting dirty energy such as coal, oil or nuclear power.


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