Demand that Mexico's president says no to genetically engineered corn

Together let’s stop our corn from being contaminated by genetic engineering

  • Mexico’s biodiversity and ecosystems are in danger. Genetically engineered (GE) crops will increase insects’ resistance to pesticides and weeds’ tolerance to herbicides.
  • Genetically engineered crops will contaminate conventional, organic and native varieties via gene flow, insects, wind and seed trading or farmers’ seed exchange.
  • Genetically engineered crops create too many environmental uncertainties, as well as uncertainties for human and animal health.
  • Genetically engineered crops will contaminate the native varieties of corn and will undermine Mexico’s ability to feed itself.
  • Genetically engineered crops will harm the economic well being of Mexican farmers because profits for genetically engineered seeds will be monopolized by a few multinationals.

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Please join our colleagues in Mexico in demanding the immediate cancellation of commercial sowing of genetically modified corn.

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