Oil companies like Shell think they can buy anything, including influence with politicians, the right to pollute and destroy our water and air, and to threaten people’s traditional way of life.

The next power grab is about to happen at the Arctic Council (an international body representing all Arctic nations), where oil companies hope to sway these Northern countries towards dangerous Arctic oil drilling.

Shell is adamant on going back to the Arctic to drill for oil, despite their disastrous attempts in 2012. These companies are risking oil spills in fragile Northern waters. Think of Deepwater Horizon, but add remote, dangerous, stormy seas to the mix - the consequences are too horrible to imagine.

The Arctic Council’s new Chair, Canada, has a choice - they can either uphold the Arctic Council’s environmental agenda and protect the region from oil spills, overfishing and further climate change devastation, or they can allow oil companies to drill and spill in these remote, fragile waters that people and polar bears call home.

Tell Canada to stand up for people and the planet.

Together we are going to hold Canada accountable, make sure that it steps up to do the right thing and protect the Arctic from oil companies like Shell.

It’s up to you to add your voice and let Canada know that people all over the world are watching. Tell Canada, instead of choosing dirty oil polluters, choose people, animals and the environment.

Make your voice heard, and sign the petition - you’ll be among the thousands of people around the world calling on Canada to do the right thing.

people have emailed Harper. Our target is 200,000!

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