Roseane and Regiane, 22

Photo | 12 October, 2010

BNP Paribas, is the major sponsor of the French Masters tennis tournament and provides more funding to the nuclear industry than any other bank in the world. Currently BNP Paribas has plans to fund a dangerously obsolete nuclear reactor in Brazil – the Angra 3 reactor. Learn more about our campaign to stop nuclear investments.

Roseane and Regiane, 22, are among the many tourists drawn to this beauty spot by the temptingly warm seawater.

"I love this place, the water is so warm that I can stay in it for a long time." In the background is the intake/outlet pipe from the Angra nuclear reactor from which seawater used to cool the power plant is poured back into the sea - there is no warning sign.

If BNP Paribas goes ahead with financing the Angra 3 reactor - it will burden the Brazilian people and environment with a dangerously obsolete reactor. Tell BNP Paribas not to fund the dangerous, out-of-date Angra 3 nuclear reactor: