Cats Vs BadTuna

Video | 9 March, 2016

Some of the most famous cats on the internet have put their paws up to join a Greenpeace New Zealand campaign to clean up cat food which may be linked to human rights abuses, labour exploitation and destructive fishing. The cats, listed below, are starring in a new video they hope will get their millions of cat-loving followers around the world to pressure companies like Whiskas to reveal the secrets of where they get their fish from.

Whiskas’ owner Mars is the largest pet food company on the planet. The American company buys tuna and other seafood that goes into its cat food pouches and cans from Thai Union, one of the world’s biggest seafood exporters. Last year, Thai Union was exposed as being connected to human rights abuses through direct links to fishing vessels and suppliers where workers were exploited, abused and forced to work on ships for years at a time. Thai Union also sources from fishing methods that result in high catches of un targeted species, such as sharks, turtles and rays.

Big THANKS to: Lil BUB, Nala, Spangles, Princess Monster Truck, Captain Pancakes, Hamilton the Hipster Cat, Pork chop, Beans and TT Pistachio, Matilda the Alien Cat, Loki the Kitteh, Cole and Marmalade, Winston Smushface, Monty the Cat, Oskar and Klaus.


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