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Israeli activists camp on coal ship's mast

Blog entry by LisaV | 8 July, 2010 2 comments

Greenpeace activists have boarded the 290-meter long coal ship Orient Venus on the high seas. Joanna Jones, Mor Levy and Jense Loewe arrived in inflatable boats and climbed up the side of the huge vessel. They have built a camp on the...

170,000 say no to Turkey’s dirty nuclear deal

Blog entry by jmckeati | 8 July, 2010

We’ve talked often before about Turkey’s many embarrassing attempts to build a nuclear reactor . Every time the plan falls down, it gets up again – it’s had more comebacks than Freddie Krueger. Unable to admit defeat – and in the...

Nuclear News: India - ‘Address criminal liability in bill’

Blog entry by jmckeati | 8 July, 2010

India - ‘Address criminal liability in bill’ ‘One week before the Civil Liability for Nuclear Damage Bill 2010 is placed before the Parliament for ratification on July 15, lawyers, academicians and civil society representatives...

Why there are no penguins in the Arctic.

Blog entry by Dave Walsh | 8 July, 2010 4 comments

A sequel to Dave Walsh's blog from the Esperanza, Fogbows at 81 North . Throughout the Esperanza’s journey around the coast of Svalbard , we’ve been kept company by several species of alcid – the auks and the guillemots.

Fogbows at 81 North

Blog entry by Dave Walsh | 8 July, 2010

Dave Walsh writes from Esperanza, currently sailing the Arctic ocean as part of Greenpeace's Arctic Under Pressure Expedition 2010 . While we’ve been off the coast of Svalbard, we’ve had had all kinds of weather – but luckily...

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