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Mr Hayward – this is not a ‘tiny’ matter...

Blog entry by Juliette | 19 May, 2010 1 comment

Paul Horsman is a Greenpeace campaigner, currently in Louisiana to assess the destruction from the Deepwater Horizon disaster. Read his previous Deepwater Horizon blog here . In a clear attempt to downplay the impacts of...

Mayapuri radioactive hotspots update

Blog entry by Justin McKeating | 19 May, 2010

Remember the dangerous radioactive hotspots Greenpeace found at India’s Mayapuri scrapyard ? This morning we went back to see how the authorities had got on with the decontamination of the area. This is what our monitors found… ...

Nuclear News: BP's Radioactive Liability Cap

Blog entry by jmckeati | 19 May, 2010

Harvey Wasserman: BP's Radioactive Liability Cap ‘As BP destroys our priceless planet, its lawyers gear up to save the company from paying for the damage. The same will happen -- only worse -- with the next atomic reactor disaster.

When purse-seining goes bad

Blog entry by Willie Mackenzie | 18 May, 2010 5 comments

Greenpeace UK oceans campaigner Willie Mackenzie tells us what's wrong with the way most tuna are caught. Greenpeace is not against purse-seining. That may surprise some people. Sure it’s a big industrial-looking fishing operation...

Landmark pact reached to protect Canada's Boreal Forest

Feature story | 18 May, 2010 at 16:43

Today the biggest, most ambitious forest conservation deal ever has been announced: The Canadian Boreal Forest Agreement. After more than seven years of hard-fought campaigning to end the on-going destruction of Canada's Boreal Forest, Greenpeace...

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