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Species we're killing this week: Koalas

Blog entry by arook | 11 November, 2009 2 comments

Last month, Sasha informed us about the alarming state of the grizzly and black bears as their main food, salmon, are diminishing. This week, another type of bear is threatened by climate change – the koala bear. AFP reports ...

Tiny feasts on dead whale bones

Blog entry by Andrew | 11 November, 2009

From Wired : The worms, found in a gray whale skeleton off the coast of California, prompted scientists to designate them as representatives of an entirely new genus, dubbed Osedax. They belonged to a taxonomic family of marine...

Amchitka: the 1970s rock concert that launched Greenpeace

Blog entry by laurak | 11 November, 2009

Amchitka is the rock concert that launched Greenpeace. It's also the concert that launched a ship: the Phyllis McCormack, which sailed out into the first Greenpeace action protesting US nuclear testing in the Aleutian Islands. ...

Getting to Google with

Blog entry by eoin | 11 November, 2009

Two weeks ago we posted this gentle call-to-action on our Eric Schmidt webpage in the Cool IT ranking of top IT executives : GetSatisfaction is a website where people leave feedback for companies - questions, problems, praise...

Agriculture at a Crossroads: Food for Survival

Publication | 11 November, 2009 at 0:00

Climate change, hunger and poverty, loss of biodiversity, forest destruction, water crises, food safety – what all these threats have in common is that a principal cause for each of them is in the way we produce, trade, consume and discard food...

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