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Protecting paradise

Blog entry by Lisa | 5 November, 2009

Selamat name is Laura, I am a German Greenpeace-activist, writing to you out of one of the last ancient forests - the Paradise forest of Sumatra (I'm in the photo above at the back on the left). Just over two weeks ago I was...

Bondage in Barcelona

Blog entry by Jess | 4 November, 2009 2 comments

We're all wondering what countries are going to deliver in Copenhagen and from what I'm learning this week, some countries are going to do their best to try and fool us. The climate negotiations have arrived at yet another war over...

Money doesn't grow on trees

Blog entry by Jess | 4 November, 2009

On a Tuesday, we held a side-event on our plan to reduce emissions deforestation and degradation or REDD. The discussion featured speakers from some of the region's most affected by forest destruction—Brazil, Papau New Guinea, and...

The biggest loser

Blog entry by laurak | 4 November, 2009 5 comments

Oil is already a losing horse. It is a non-renewable and dwindling source of energy, and according to a study by Association For the Study of Peak Oil (ASPO-USA) we already reached peak oil - in 2005. Since we have already burned the...

The Wall Street Journal environment blog asks…

Blog entry by Justin | 4 November, 2009 1 comment

Should We Have More Nuclear or More Coal? The short and sensible answer? Neither .

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