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Nuclear News: Italy Greens leak sensitive nuclear site list

Blog entry by Justin | 9 December, 2009

Today's big stories from the nuclear industry: Italy Greens leak sensitive nuclear site list ‘ROME, Dec 8 (Reuters) - Italy's Green Party leaked on Tuesday the names of potential nuclear power sites it claims Enel has identified...

Denmark or Dallas?

Blog entry by Jess | 9 December, 2009

Mistrust, lies, sneaking around and gossip - sounds like a soap opera from the 80’s but in fact, it is how you could describe the second day of the UN climate meeting here in Copenhagen. Text outlining a plan to keep business as usual...

Place your bets for Fossil Of The Day

Blog entry by Jamie | 8 December, 2009 3 comments

Sometimes, there is such a beautiful synchronisation of multiple ideas in a single word, I'm tempted to believe that it couldn't possibly have happened by chance. For instance, what pops into your head when you hear the word 'fossil'? ...

Check out the live stream of our side event here at the UN climate summit

Blog entry by mikeg | 8 December, 2009

In just a couple hours, you can tune in to a livestream of our “side event” here at the UN climate summit. It’s rather descriptively entitled, “Yes He Can! How President Obama Can Deliver Stronger Emissions Reductions.” It starts at...

UK: Cut the Crap – Cut Trident

Blog entry by Justin | 8 December, 2009 1 comment

©Jiri Rezac/Greenpeace So, let’s talk about the UK’s Trident nuclear weapons system. Can you aim it Osama bin Laden? Can you use it against suicide bombers? Is it an effective deterrent against the builders of Improvised Explosive...

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