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Nuclear News: India's 11 Nuclear Power Units Short of Local Uranium

Blog entry by Justin | 10 December, 2009

Today's big stories from the nuclear industry: India's 11 Nuclear Power Units Short of Local Uranium ‘NEW DELHI -- Eleven of India's 17 nuclear power reactors are operating below optimum capacity due to a lack of sufficient...

Taking Stock of Tuna

Publication | 10 December, 2009 at 9:29

Tuna is the world’s favourite fish. It can be found from high-end sushi restaurants in Tokyo to family shopping trolleys in North American supermarkets and the dinner plates of Pacific island communities. With the world’s appetite for tuna now...

Obama: You won it, now earn it

Feature story | 10 December, 2009 at 0:00

President Obama received the Nobel Peace Prize in Norway's capital today. In his own words, this is a "call to action" rather than a recognition of his own accomplishments. So we're hoping he'll act on his promises to confront the global...

President Obama Must Earn Nobel Peace Prize with Strong Climate Action in Copenhagen

Press release | 10 December, 2009 at 0:00

Greenpeace today congratulated US President Barack Obama on winning the 2009 Nobel Peace Prize and urged him to use the award's prestige to help secure an ambitious, fair, and legally binding treaty at the UN Climate Summit when he travels to...

Nokia, Copenhagen-shy?

Blog entry by mwilson | 9 December, 2009

Nokia's CEO Olli Kallasvuo: time to take action on climate change? Photo by dottavi on Flickr . Eureka! In what appears to be a slowly evolving trend (on a petri dish), yet another ICT CEO has come out with a statement on the...

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