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Our weblogs from around the world. Making Waves covers general Greenpeace and environmental news, Nuclear Reaction spotlights the nuclear industry, and from Greenpeace UK, the Energydesk, reporting on Energy and Climate issues.

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Activists arrested as climbers scale a coal chimney in Poland

Blog entry by Lisa | 2 December, 2008 2 comments

Here's my first vlog from the action today - more soon!

The Nuclear Reaction Christmas competition

Blog entry by Justin | 2 December, 2008 1 comment

Ever wished you were one of the corporate big boys with prime ministers and presidents hanging on your every word and throwing cash at you? Ever wanted to display your incompetence and open yourself to ridicule on a global stage? ...

Greenland’s uranium find: some numbers

Blog entry by Justin | 2 December, 2008

Greenland Minerals & Energy has discovered a ‘major’ but ‘inferred’* deposit of uranium of over 85,000 tonnes in the south of the country. If the company were to bring all the ore to the surface and process it for use without any...

Rex Weyler’s Deep Green: Atomic Renaissance Interrupted

Blog entry by Justin | 2 December, 2008

‘The nuclear industry has hitched a ride on the climate change bandwagon, proclaiming that nuclear power will solve the world’s global warming and energy problems in one sweeping “nuclear renaissance.” As you might expect, there’s a...

Nuclear News for December 2nd 2008

Blog entry by Justin | 2 December, 2008

Some other stories from the nuclear industry you may have missed: Punch Nigeria: FG begins review of nuclear power plants’ legislation ‘Nigeria’s quest to generate electricity from nuclear sources gained steam on Monday, with the...

It's your meeting but it is my home

Blog entry by Jess | 2 December, 2008

Leah is one of the 500 students that have traveled to Poznan, Poland to make the their voices heard as government leaders decide the fate of the planet they will inherit. Follow the Solar Generation youth delegation in Poznan as they...

Action begins at coal power station smokestack near Poznan...

Blog entry by Jess | 2 December, 2008 2 comments

I've just received this email from Gavin, who is currently at the top of a smokestack in Konin, Poland demanding government leaders Quit Coal and GET SERIOUS about climate change. We'll keep you updated as the action progresses. I've...

Poznan climate negotiations kick off!

Blog entry by Lisa | 1 December, 2008

I was in Poznan today as the UN climate talks started. Over 8,000 delegates are attending from all over the world. With bleak skies and media helicopters flying around the atmoaphere was really quite dramatic! Jess will be blogging...

Zurich votes emphatically for nuclear power phase-out

Blog entry by Justin | 1 December, 2008

In another demonstration of the lack of public confidence in nuclear power, citizens of Zurich, Switzerland voted yesterday to phase-out the city’s use of nuclear energy. Over 76 per cent of those voting supported the phase-out. More...

‘The EPR is the mother of all nuclear power reactors’

Blog entry by Justin | 1 December, 2008

Or so says India journalist Pallava Bagla , in France at the invitation of the French government, about France’s so-called flagship European Pressurized Water Reactor which Bagla suggests India is considering purchasing. ‘Mother’ is a...

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