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Whaling vessel Oriental Bluebird de-flagged!

Blog entry by Dave | 28 October, 2008 3 comments

A Greenpeace inflatable boat tries to prevent Japanese whaling fleet's factory ship Nisshin Maru from refueling from the supply vessel Oriental Bluebird in the Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary. © Greenpeace/Rezac Some great news for...

Our man in the sky

Blog entry by Jamie | 28 October, 2008

Someone who has taken part in all the research flights our helicopter Tweety has carried out during the Esperanza's current tour is, of course, the pilot. Shaun (or Dingo as he's known about the ship) has flown every mission in both...

Rainbow Warrior in London

Blog entry by Lisa | 27 October, 2008

Here's two beautifully treated photographs of the Rainbow Warrior at the dock in Southend, London over the weekend. I found them on ~Big Garlic Bullet~'s photostream on Flickr . The ship is now heading off to Chatham and Kingsnorth...

The world needs an Energy [R]evolution

Blog entry by Martin Lloyd | 27 October, 2008 1 comment

The world needs an Energy Revolution. We know it, but our leaders seem to go weak at the knees when it comes to facing up to the challenge. So here's a video showing what real leadership might look like. Today we launch our...

John McCain makes a simple case for nuclear energy

Blog entry by Justin | 27 October, 2008

It’s probably unfair to expect high-flown rhetoric and complex ideas from a presidential candidate’s speech. They’re designed to get the candidate’s ideas and policies across to potential voters in the most simple and shortest way. ...

Nuclear energy news for October 27 2008

Blog entry by Justin | 27 October, 2008

Some other stories from the nuclear industry you may have missed: The Deal: Northrop Grumman in $360M nuclear deal with French MNC ‘Defense and technology company Northrop Grumman Corp. said its shipbuilding division is creating...

Video: Investigating Indonesia's last forest frontier

Blog entry by Jamie | 27 October, 2008 1 comment

To show off the most interesting footage from the helicopter trips over Papua during the Esperanza's current tour of Indonesia, we’ve compiled the video below. It’s narrated by Bustar, who went on many of the flights, and he explains...

"O"s are tricky

Blog entry by Andrew | 26 October, 2008

[Photo by Mattheo Nobili.] Agnes has been on board the Arctic Sunrise for the Italy leg of the "Quit Coal" tour. That's Agnes standing up. Here's her report from the front lines of the energy revolution - where she explains what...

Feet on both sides of the border

Blog entry by Jamie | 26 October, 2008

On the Esperanza, we've been sailing past and through some of the most wonderfully named parts of the world - Flores, Butu, Ceram, Halmahera and their associated seas - which for me conjure up images of trading ships at full sail,...

Lending a helping hand with a little first aid

Blog entry by Jamie | 25 October, 2008

Valeriy treats an infected leg in the Esperanza's sick bay © Greenpeace/Rante Even though we're in Indonesia to tackle big, global issues of deforestation and climate change , there's still time to help out with smaller problems as...

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