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Projection in Denmark

Blog entry by Lisa | 4 December, 2008

Our Danish team have just beamed messages onto the coal power plant at Ensteadverket. They have been blocking coal production at Northern Europe’s biggest coal terminal for the last three days and urging the Danish government to “Quit...

No he didn't

Blog entry by Jess | 4 December, 2008

Yesterday, we told you about the “Yes you Must” campaign that French activists launched to a encourage President Sarkozy to take leadership on climate action. Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem like President Sarkozy got the message. ...

Flamanville: spinning the cost increases

Blog entry by Justin | 4 December, 2008

As we said yesterday , EDF have confirmed that the construction of their EPR reactor in Flamanville, France will cost 20 per cent more than planned . The spin as to why costs have risen is, we have to say, mighty: The updated...

Twenty activists arrested in Denmark - eight still blocking coal shipment

Blog entry by Lisa | 4 December, 2008

Our Danish team and Rainbow Warrior crew are still busy in the thrid day of action. Twenty activists who were blocking the conveyor belts of DONGs coal plant today have just been arrested, but the eight people in the cranes are still...

Nuclear News for December 4th 2008

Blog entry by Justin | 4 December, 2008

Some other stories from the nuclear industry you may have missed: Policy Forum Online: Obama and North Korea: The Road Ahead ‘Peter M. Beck, Professor at American University in Washington, D.C. and Yonsei University in Seoul,...

Advertising and morality

Blog entry by Andrew | 4 December, 2008 1 comment

There's a revealing article in the latest issue of Campaign (a marketing industry weekly) about morality and advertising . It's a thoughtful and honest piece, written by a senior industry professional - tackling the question, "If...


Blog entry by Lisa | 4 December, 2008 2 comments

Update from Gavin (the head of our international climate and energy campaign) - who just got off the smokestack and is posting this stuff from his phone! All five of us have been arrested and are now in the back of police vans...

Sideshow at the UN meetings

Blog entry by Jess | 4 December, 2008

We hosted our first side event at the UN meetings yesterday showcasing the Energy [R]evolution. Alex, part of the Energy [R]evolution team, explains how the side events work and how we all try to get delegates in the seats to hear...

Bearing witness to the worst fuel in the world

Blog entry by Lisa | 4 December, 2008

Heading down after over 50 hours on a smokestack

Blog entry by Lisa | 4 December, 2008

Here's the latest from Gavin, on the coal smokestack in Poland. After 3 days camped on this smokestack, we are finally heading down. Today is Barburka - a special day in Poland in honour of Polish miners and the esteem in which...

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