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Our weblogs from around the world. Making Waves covers general Greenpeace and environmental news, Nuclear Reaction spotlights the nuclear industry, and from Greenpeace UK, the Energydesk, reporting on Energy and Climate issues.

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The nuclear dash for cash

Blog entry by Justin | 26 November, 2008

There’s a fascinating insight into the way the nuclear industry works in the news that Exelon Nuclear has dropped plans in the US to build an Economic Simplified Boiling Water Reactor (ESBWR) at Victoria, Texas. The company is...

Nuclear News for November 26th 2008

Blog entry by Justin | 26 November, 2008

Some other stories from the nuclear industry you may have missed: The Seattle Times: Wash. sues feds over Hanford cleanup ‘Washington state is suing the federal government to seek a faster cleanup of the Hanford nuclear...

Getting ready for Poznan

Blog entry by Martin Lloyd | 26 November, 2008 2 comments

Over at our New Zealand blog Bunny sets the stage for the upcoming climate negotiations in Poznan .

Oil money

Blog entry by Martin Lloyd | 25 November, 2008

Almost 20 years after the Exxon Valdez caused the worst oil spill in US history the affected communities may finally be about to see some compensation .

Vermont Yankee tries to bankrupt concerned citizens

Blog entry by Justin | 25 November, 2008

If the Vermont Yankee nuclear power station were a family pet, it would be long past the point when it was time to do her a kindness and put her out of her misery. Cooling tower collapses and reactor ‘scrams’. Three coolant leaks...

Nuclear News for November 25th 2008

Blog entry by Justin | 25 November, 2008

Some other stories from the nuclear industry you may have missed: Arabian Business: UK poised to play key role in UAE nuclear energy ‘The UK is poised to play a key role in the development of civil nuclear energy production in...

Action in a coal mine - up close and personal

Blog entry by Lisa | 25 November, 2008

How soon is now?

Blog entry by Martin Lloyd | 25 November, 2008 1 comment

European leaders have been talking about climate change for a long time, but with just days to go before they're due to decide on the European climate package - a collection of regulations that are intended to cut Europe's emissions...

Carbon capture and the violation of domestic peace

Blog entry by Lisa | 24 November, 2008 3 comments

I have just been released from a police station in Konin after taking part in an action today. I am back at our camp now - inside the dome - trying to make my frozen fingers move so I can tell you about it. This morning, 22 of us...

What lies behind INB’s optimism?

Blog entry by Justin | 24 November, 2008

Here’s a very upbeat and optimistic assessment of the Brazilian unranium mining industry from INB (Nuclear Industries of Brazil) superintendent of Mineral Production, Adriano Maciel Tavares: He said that, after entry into operation...

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