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Anti-nuclear activism: jellyfish stand up to be counted

Blog entry by Justin | 13 November, 2008 1 comment

Well, they’re not standing up exactly, being jellyfish, but they’re certainly being counted. Late last month, the staff at the Diablo Canyon Power Plant in California found out just what happens when jellyfish attack … 'An...

Roadkill and breathtaking idiocy

Blog entry by Lisa | 13 November, 2008

The Climate Rescue Station was built by Greenpeace volunteers and activists who worked constantly over 4 days to get it up and running Gene Hashmi is the Communications Director for Greenpeace in India. He is currently at our...

Communication breakdown at Flamanville

Blog entry by Justin | 13 November, 2008

So just what exactly is going on with the troubled construction of the state of the art EPR reactor in Flamanville, France? Just when will the reactor be operational? There seems to be some disagreement on the matter. The CEO of Areva...

Nuclear News for November 13th 2008

Blog entry by Justin | 13 November, 2008

Some other stories from the nuclear industry you may have missed: AFP: Fire at Japan nuke power plant injures worker: operator A fire broke out at a nuclear power plant in northern Japan on Thursday, injuring one worker but...

NEW! Climate rescue weblog

Blog entry by Lisa | 13 November, 2008

We've just launched a climate rescue station next to a coal mine in Poland. Previously we were using this blog for political updates for last year's UN climate talks in Bali. This year we're back again with a new look and new stuff...

Sjoerd Jongens 1950-2008

Blog entry by brianfit | 13 November, 2008 121 comments

Photo ©Greenpeace/Kate Davison Sjoerd Jongens, 57 years old, died yesterday in a bicycle accident on his way to work here at Greenpeace International in Amsterdam. He joined Greenpeace in 1987, when he took on the job of radio...

Whalers give into reality and slash this year's quota

Blog entry by Dave | 13 November, 2008

It's like waiting for a bus - you wait for ages, and three come along at once. First we had the deflagging of the Oriental Bluebird . Then we had the announced closure of the flagship whale meat shop, Yushin , in Tokyo. Now today,...

3 weeks to make EU ministers vote against GMOs

Blog entry by eoin | 12 November, 2008 1 comment

European Environment Ministers meet on December 4 to debate what safety checks are needed to assess genetically modified food before it can be cultivated or sold in the EU. Clearly stronger checks are needed, if you read (PDF in...

Japan's whaling programme in tatters: Closures, resignations and cancelled celebrations

Blog entry by Dave | 12 November, 2008 2 comments

Japan's whaling industry is descending into deep crisis; this week, Japanese media outlet Nikkei reported that the flagship 'Yushin' whale meat shop and restaurant in Asakusa will close down by 2010. The announcement came via the ...

The chain reaction continues as ship number two is immobilised

Blog entry by Jamie | 12 November, 2008

So despite several requests to leave Dumai, we haven't left (even though the harbour master visited the ship this afternoon and turned out to be a really nice guy). The reason for that is that we have a bigger and much more...

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