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Belgium Activist - Quit Coal Vlog

Blog entry by Lisa | 10 November, 2008

Here's a little video we made during the coal action in Belgium on Friday. I couldn't post it from the ship so apologies for the delay. Meet Jonas - a Greenpeace volunteer boat driver and activist from Belgium.

Indymedia: 16 000 Gather to protest against Castor

Blog entry by Justin | 10 November, 2008

8 November - A crowd of 16 000 people demonstrated against the Castor transport in Gorleben today, marching through the town and eventually settling just outside of it, near to the gates of the "Zwischenlager" - the temporary nuclear...

Nuclear News for November 10th 2008

Blog entry by Justin | 10 November, 2008 2 comments

Some other stories from the nuclear industry you may have missed: London Topic: SCIENCE MATTERS: The answer is blowin' in the wind! ‘Non-renewable energy sources such as fossil and nuclear fuels are not sustainable and have also...

Paint 'em up, hose 'em down: taking action in Indonesia

Blog entry by Jamie | 10 November, 2008

Another dawn start today. Yesterday, we arrived in Dumai, a large port on the eastern coast of Sumatra and the second largest in Indonesia in terms of palm oil exports, and the scene of last year's Rainbow Warrior action . This...

Windmill warriors

Blog entry by Lisa | 9 November, 2008 2 comments

Finally I have made it to the Rainbow Warrior! Well what can I say... having volunteered and worked with Greenpeace for nearly 5 years wondering when I will actually set foot on our flagship - it feels a bit strange to be here at last.

Revealing the facts about palm oil to the Chinese public

Blog entry by Jamie | 9 November, 2008

posted on behalf of Shangwen, forest campaigner from Greenpeace China, on board the Esperanza The Forest Defenders Camp we set up last year has gone, and so too has the ancient forest. I saw the disastrous landscape through the...

Sumatra's dark, satanic mills

Blog entry by Jamie | 9 November, 2008

posted on behalf of John on board the Esperanza As a Greenpeace photographer, I find myself creating pictures in many interesting places. In any part of the world where there is a critical environmental problem, the Greenpeace...

Noted Norwegian whaler hangs up his harpoon

Blog entry by brianfit | 7 November, 2008 1 comment

From a statement we just issued: The Norwegian fisheries newspaper, Fiskaren, reported today that Olav Olavsen, the captain of the well known whaling vessel Nybræna, said that he and his crew have decided to end whaling operations.

Obama’s nuclear future

Blog entry by Justin | 7 November, 2008

It’s not just the Finnish government that are hurry to make nuclear decisions. With the clock ticking on the Bush administration, it seems that outgoing energy officials are trying to get long term decisions made on nuclear waste...

Now Finland gets ahead of itself

Blog entry by Justin | 7 November, 2008

On Wednesday we brought you the news that the Turkish government had begun plans for a second nuclear reactor despite its plan for a first being an total and abject failure . Now we hear that Finland - home to the disaster-prone,...

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