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Drowning Islands & Stolen Fish - is this THE END?

Blog entry by Lisa | 8 December, 2007 2 comments

After a week of negotiations at the WCPFC with over 360 people from many corners of the planet you would think that we would be able to come to at least SOME agreements on how we're going to save the Pacific yellow fin and big eye...

Rainbow Warrior joins Balinese flotilla of hope

Blog entry by Jo Kuper | 7 December, 2007

By Jo, communications officer The ships are really where the heart of Greenpeace is. I’ve been lucky enough to have some wonderful experiences on board our ships the Esperanza and Arctic Sunrise. But until today I had never even...

Asian Youth Group Searching for Identity

Blog entry by Woon | 7 December, 2007

Friday 7 Dec 2007 by Woon SG-Thailand As we had such a limited time yesterday, we hoped to discuss the main issues more in details today at our 3pm. meeting. The main concerns are the kind of organization we want to have and the...

Rainbow Warrior’s “Magical Mystery Tour”

Blog entry by Woon | 7 December, 2007

Friday 7 Dec 2007 by Razceljan SG-Philippines Mr. Solarsunshine painted the surrounding scene when we arrived at the fishing community to join the fishermen for the flotilla together with SV Rainbow Warrior – the “legend”, according...

SolarGen at Youth Side Event

Blog entry by Woon | 7 December, 2007

Thursday 6 Dec 2007 by Woon SG-Thailand It was such a busy day where I participated in the face painting activity, helped with our P-Bear wandering activity, and joined an Asian Youth meeting right before the youth side event...

P-Bear Climate Refugee Needs a Room!

Blog entry by Woon | 7 December, 2007

Thursday 6 Dec 2007 by Woon SG-Thailand Photograph by Woon Pattamon Rungchavalnont After join the international youth activity, we had another activity of own on this early evening. The P-Bear was out wandering once again. He...

Italian tour wrap up

Blog entry by Emily | 7 December, 2007 2 comments

Posted by Emily, campaigner, onboard the Arctic Sunrise in Italy Our Italian “Quit Coal” tour has come to an end and it is time for the Arctic Sunrise to sail on to its next destination. Our hard working activists and...

The action's all in Bali

Blog entry by Andrew | 7 December, 2007 1 comment

Right now, our team is in Bali for the UN climate conference. It's what I've heard described as, "probably the most important meeting about a meeting that will happen in your lifetime". :D Ok, ok, joking aside, if we're going to beat...

2, 4, 6, 8 - How Will Canada Negotiate?

Blog entry by Daniel | 7 December, 2007

Posted by Canadian Claire at the Bali International Conference Centre On Monday, speaking in Canada’s Parliament, Environment Minister John Baird admitted that a rise of 2°C in the earth’s temperature “is unacceptable.” This from a...

With Temperatures High in Bali, the US Blows more Hot Air

Blog entry by Daniel | 7 December, 2007

Posted by Chris Miller, Climate Team Leader, Greenpeace USA at the Bali International Conference Centre Day four from the Bali UN Climate Conference brought an announcement from the United States delegation. Was it that they had...

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