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U.S. purse seiner confronted in the South Pacific

Blog entry by Jess | 20 April, 2008 3 comments

At 8:30 this morning, I stood on the deck of the Esperanza staring out at a ship in the distance. We had spotted a fishing vessel in international waters and had sent a team to see if they were actually fishing. As the information...

Sure do love those flyin fish

Blog entry by Jess | 19 April, 2008 2 comments

This morning I woke up still pretty sore from spending a whole day in the RHIBS on the open ocean Wednesday. I glanced over at the alarm clock and realized I had more than an hour before I had to get up for breakfast. I looked out the...

Destructive Fishing Gear Confiscated!

Blog entry by Jess | 17 April, 2008 7 comments

Today I witnessed the kind of fishing practices that are threatening to drive the tuna fisheries in the South Pacific to near collapse. In a time span shorter than a normal day at work, I witnessed both a purse seiner and a FAD (Fish...

Al Gore talk at hyperspeed

Blog entry by Andrew | 16 April, 2008

I'll admit it. I never watched his movie, never saw the slideshow. Thought they were great for other people, but I already know how dangerous climate change is. Plus, I'm a busy busy person. (I mean, aren't we all?) Still... Always...

Greek fishermen hungry for a cause

Blog entry by Lisa | 16 April, 2008

Some exciting news from the Mediterranean... On Monday, after a day of demonstrations by Greek fishermen, against a government decision to allow trawling in near-shore waters , 19 fishermen started a hunger strike outside the ministry...

Palau proposes protection for fish

Blog entry by Jess | 16 April, 2008 1 comment

Big news here in the South Pacific today. The president of Palau announced the Fisheries Protection Act of 2008. With an acknowledgment that large scale fishing operations are responsible for the decline of the world’s fish stocks,...

Nisshin Maru Arrives in Tokyo after failed "research" in the Southern Ocean

Blog entry by Dave | 15 April, 2008

© Greenpeace/Naomi Toyoda Japan's factory whaling ship, the Nisshin Maru was "welcomed" into Tokyo earlier today, by Junichi and our team from Greenpeace Japan, along with the word "failed" to accompany the ubiquitous and Orwellian...

We're number 96!

Blog entry by Andrew | 14 April, 2008 1 comment

A site named Wikio ranked, "influential blogs in the UK blogosphere". Believe it or not, we're number 96. Wooohoo! Please link to us from your blog to help us reach our goal of 95th place. (Watch out Adrian , we're up and coming!)

Pacific Marine Reserves

Blog entry by Jess | 14 April, 2008 1 comment

Well let me tell you, August in the district ain't got nothin' on an afternoon on deck in the South Pacific. It is hot as anything here. We've been sailing for 4 days now and we've spent most of it preparing for our tour through the...

Mother Jones: Greenpeace and Black Ops

Blog entry by Dave | 12 April, 2008

"Meet the private security firm that spied on Greenpeace and other environmental outfits for corporate clients. A tale of intrigue, infiltration, and dumpster-diving." Just published on the Mother Jones website , an intriguing...

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