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Olkiluoto 3 and Flamanville in Private Eye

Blog entry by Justin | 5 September, 2008

The UK has a famous satire and investigative journalism magazine called Private Eye . In the current edition, it has the following to say about the construction of the EPR reactors at Olkiluoto in Finland and Flamanville in France:

Animated Areva

Blog entry by Justin | 5 September, 2008 1 comment

Take a look at this rather amazing animated advertisement from everyone’s favourite nuclear incompetent, Areva: Beautiful, isn’t it? Everything’s so green . Nuclear power stations aren’t grey, foreboding monsters. Oh no,...

Nuclear energy news for September 5 2008

Blog entry by Justin | 5 September, 2008

Some other stories from the nuclear industry you may have missed: icLiverpool: French fuel prices 'subsidised by us' ‘A MERSEY MP yesterday accused a French-owned energy firm of stinging British families with sky-high prices...

Don’t rat on your nuclear friends

Blog entry by Aslihan | 4 September, 2008

Finland’s nuclear safety watchdog; STUK had to face a tough decision last week. Greenpeace had published evidence that basic construction standards had been violated in the welding of the reactor building of the European Pressurized...

Cutting down paradise

Blog entry by Lisa | 4 September, 2008

Here's an update from Dean on the Esperanza in Papua New Guinea When we arrived here at Paia Inlet in the Gulf Province - a huge roar greeted the Esperanza crew from hundreds of locals lining the shore. There were people in small log...

Nuclear energy news for September 4 2008

Blog entry by Aslihan | 4 September, 2008

WIBA: Florida Governor Doyle got money from nuclear power company, then softened his stance A new study has found executives of a Florida utility gave Gov. Jim Doyle almost $24,000 weeks before Doyle softened his stance against...

Fires raging in the Amazon

Blog entry by Elaine | 4 September, 2008 1 comment

Here's a story from Jamie in the UK. It's currently the dry season in the Amazon and, as the live webcast last week demonstrated, fires have been decimating large areas. The video crew weren't the only ones documenting the fires...

Increasing Nuclear Waste; Increasing Problems

Blog entry by Aslihan | 3 September, 2008 3 comments

Dangerous accidents, poor economics, deadly waste, and hazards of proliferation – four issues that even the nuclear industry indicated as obstacles for a nuclear boom. Its strategy is now to claim all four have been technically solved,...

Nuclear energy news for September 3 2008

Blog entry by Justin | 3 September, 2008

Some other stories from the nuclear industry you may have missed: AFP: Russia will complete Iran nuclear plant ‘The Russian company building Iran's first nuclear power plant has renewed a commitment to complete the project, the...

Dutch Nuclear Short-Sightedness

Blog entry by Aslihan | 2 September, 2008 1 comment

Maybe it’s just journalists in The Netherlands, but the repetitive headlines on nuclear energy in the Dutch media show either an absence of memory, or a well-orchestrated, repetitive push for nuclear energy. The latter would be quite...

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