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Poisoning People? That's their problem

Blog entry by tom | 7 August, 2007 4 comments

While writing a feature on pollution from Chinese e-waste yards, Kevin, from our science unit, sent me some links to scientific papers on the e-waste pollution. Normally these are quite dense but a couple of things jumped out from ...

Remembering Hiroshima today

Blog entry by eoin | 6 August, 2007 5 comments

"The struggle of people against power," wrote Milan Kundera, "is the struggle of memory against forgetting." Washington dropped an atomic bomb on Hiroshima 62 years ago today, resulting in the deaths of over 140,000 people, almost all...

Bush saves climate – really!

Blog entry by Andrew | 6 August, 2007 1 comment

Here's another update from Daniel (one of our climate policy advisers). Title is his choice. I'm never sure when he's joking. Dry sense of humor and what: Finally, Bush is doing something for the climate. On Friday, he announced that...

Nearly 100 nations speak out at United Nations

Blog entry by Andrew | 3 August, 2007 1 comment

From today's Globe and Mail : Nearly 100 countries speaking at the first UN General Assembly meeting on climate change signalled strong support for negotiations on a new international deal to tackle global warming. There was so...

Oil to burn in the Arctic?

Blog entry by Jamie | 1 August, 2007 4 comments

After twenty years out of fashion, the term 'cold war' has become the hot favourite in Fleet Street once more. Not just because diplomatic relations between Russia and the UK distinctly frosty at the moment, but Russia's current...

UK energy needs - "The Convenient Solution"

Blog entry by Andrew | 1 August, 2007 1 comment

This video from Greenpeace UK takes a look at why renewable energy and energy efficiency are the convenient solution to energy needs - arguing that nuclear power is a dangerous waste of money. Favorite line from the video: "Reaching...

Cheat Neutral

Blog entry by Brian Fitzgerald | 31 July, 2007 2 comments

Cheat Neutral is a brilliant sendup of carbon offsetting schemes which proposes capping global infidelity levels by allowing people having affairs to pay others to be faithful. I laughed when I saw the site, but the video nearly made...

Instructables competition for green DIY design projects

Blog entry by eoin | 31 July, 2007

Treehugger, Popular Science Magazine and website have come together to make a competition for "how to" tutorials about green inventions and designs made from found items, used items, or just stuff that's eco-friendly.

Climate change to blame for more hurricanes

Blog entry by Andrew | 30 July, 2007 1 comment

Hurricanes are fueled by warm ocean water and warm moist air, so it's predicted that global warming will mean more, and stronger tropical storms. It's tricky testing this against observations though because there's no data about...

How to illustrate climatewash?

Blog entry by tom | 30 July, 2007 2 comments

Just a quick insight in to the creative process behind the scenes here in the office. On Thursday I had mostly finished an article on companies advertising around Live Earth to burnish their climate friendliness but continuing...

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