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Getting there

Blog entry by Martin Lloyd | 20 November, 2007 1 comment

Reading my favourite technology website I find a piece on Gordon Brown's energy policy , his recent speech on climate change and what may be a commitment to a broader target on renewables. I also know that our UK office has been...

Climate message in a bottle

Blog entry by tom | 19 November, 2007 1 comment

We've just launched a collaborative video where you can urge your politicians to take urgent climate action at a vital December UN climate meeting in Bali. So watch, enjoy, record and respond to be part of a Greenpeace video: ...

Planet Ocean - the book

Blog entry by Andrew | 19 November, 2007 2 comments

Got some good news. I heard from Toby, our publications guy, that the first print run of our Planet Ocean book has sold out. The book grew out of the Defending Our Oceans expedition, and tells the story of the oceans through amazing...

Palm oil blockade's end

Blog entry by Andrew | 18 November, 2007 3 comments

© Greenpeace / Christian Aslund This is actually from an email Sue sent yesterday from on board the Rainbow Warrior. I think it gives a good wrap up of their palm oil tanker blockade , and she was nice enough to let me post it: ...

Life on the Rainbow Warrior

Blog entry by Andrew | 18 November, 2007 1 comment

Lesley is the ship's medic on board the Rainbow Warrior right now, and she sent me an update about how things are going on the "road to Bali" - that's what we've been calling all this lead up work (actions against coal, nuclear power...

IPCC latest - climate change evidance "unequivocal"

Blog entry by Andrew | 17 November, 2007 5 comments

Last night in Valencia, the IPCC approved its Fourth Assessment Synthesis report, which sums up the key points from the three major reports published this year on climate change science, its impacts and the mitigation options. It...

Captain's blog - palm oil tanker blockade

Blog entry by Andrew | 16 November, 2007 3 comments

That's Mike, current captain of the Rainbow Warrior, seen through the bridge window. As I write, the Warrior is still in position - blocking the palm oil tanker from leaving port. This morning activists added to the pressure by...

Rumours from Tokyo: Humpbacks to be spared the harpoon?

Blog entry by brianfit | 16 November, 2007 12 comments

Greenpeace and the Japanese Fisheries Agency have been locked in conflict over whaling for a long time, and sometimes the game of figuring out your opponent's moves can look an awful lot like the old Mad Magazine comic, Spy vs. Spy. ...

BBC followup - skeptical about bias

Blog entry by Andrew | 15 November, 2007

About a year ago, BBC environmental correspondent, Richard Black, asked climate change skeptics to send him evidence that scientific institutions are biased against them, and promised to look into any concrete claims. As he says,...

Remote control banner

Blog entry by Andrew | 15 November, 2007 6 comments

We had another surprise for the World Energy Congress today - four remote controlled banners that unrolled from the ceiling of the conference hall with the slogan "ENEL: Do Not Export Nuclear Risk". [ Large photo. ] ENEL is an...

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