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Nuclear Situations Vacant

Blog entry by Justin | 30 October, 2008 1 comment

With the nuclear industry involved in a global push to lure skills and new blood into their workforce, we thought we would give them a rare break today and lend a helping hand to the recruitment effort. So if you are looking for an...

October news

Blog entry by Juliette | 30 October, 2008 2 comments

Here is a summary of what we’ve done in October 2008 around the world: Climate: We’re asking EU leaders, and in particular Angela Merkel and Nicolas Sarkozy to stop yielding to the car lobby and make strong emissions standards for...

Taxpayer money could be handed over to climate killers

Blog entry by Jess | 30 October, 2008

Earlier today, activists in Germany "road up" on Berlin's Brandenburg Gate to protest Angela Merkel's climate policy on cars. Thirty activists on toy cars cruised over to the Chancellory and let Merkel know that building fuel efficient...

Contaminated water around Caetité uranium mine: update

Blog entry by Justin | 30 October, 2008

Earlier this month research by Greenpeace found that drinking water around the Caetité uranium mine in Brazil showed uranium contamination levels as much as seven times higher than World Health Organisation’s recommendations. In a...

Nuclear News for October 30th 2008

Blog entry by Justin | 30 October, 2008

Some other stories from the nuclear industry you may have missed: Forbes: Trouble Awaits Nuclear Investors ‘Indian industry has hailed the signing of the U.S.-India nuclear agreement as an opportunity to solve crippling power...

'It's more powerful than just wearing a t-shirt'

Blog entry by Jamie | 30 October, 2008

It’s slightly weird being docked after ten days at sea. I woke this morning to find Jakarta hovering on the horizon with container ships lining the route into Tanjung Priok port, and sadly the glistening blue seas and dense white...

Captain's Blog - Medway Morning Mooring

Blog entry by Lisa | 30 October, 2008

The latest from Mike, our captain on the Rainbow Warrior “Rainbow Warrior you are entering the Medway compulsory pilotage area without a pilot. You must stop your vessel and leave the area. You are breaking maritime law.” That’s what...

Live from Rainbow Warrior at Kingsnorth

Blog entry by Lisa | 29 October, 2008

Live webcam images Up to the moment blogging from Bex Twitter Updates

Belgium’s nuclear industry over-extends itself

Blog entry by Jan Vande Putte | 29 October, 2008

Over the last weeks, pro-nuclear politicians in Belgium have launched an attack in the media against the law which phases out nuclear power. This law, passed in 2003, would shut down the seven reactors one after the other when they...

Nuclear Ethics

Blog entry by Justin | 29 October, 2008

The ethics surrounding the nuclear industry are curious things and worthy of study. Just look at the levels of cover-ups, misinformation, disinformation, and propaganda that gush from its public relations departments. You wouldn’t...

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