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Climate change refugees

Blog entry by Andrew | 20 June, 2007

Today is World Refugee day. A day to focus worldwide attention on the the estimated 40 million people world wide uprooted by violence and persecution. But there is also a new kind of refugee. The climate refugee. In the words of...

Cod battered by Global Warming

Blog entry by brianfit | 19 June, 2007 1 comment

Alison writes: I thought you might be interested in reading and possibly linking to the following article on the effect of climate change on fisheries, published today in the Asbury Park Press . Of note is the historic decision of...

Oil industry's new solution

Blog entry by Andrew | 15 June, 2007 1 comment

The prankster Yes Men have hoaxed again. This time they spoke at a big oil industry exposition posing as representatives from the Natural Petroleum Council and ExxonMobil. Their proposed solution to reducing dependence on overseas...

MEPs show themselves to be a bit dim

Blog entry by Jamie | 15 June, 2007

The numbers are in and sadly they weren't quite what we were hoping for. Despite the huge amount of emails you sent to MEPs, asking them to support a ban on inefficient light bulbs across the EU (and thank you for that!), not enough...

ExxonMobile still hurt and "missunderstood" on climate change

Blog entry by Andrew | 15 June, 2007

The world's largest non-state oil company lashed out today saying it really is worried about climate change and just wants to help in its own way. From the Guardian article : ExxonMobil criticised Greenpeace, the Kyoto treaty and...

Busy on the Juicer

Blog entry by miko | 15 June, 2007

by Miko Alino, SG Pilipinas Students, teachers, and staff were treated to freshly-squeezed juice drinks when the Solar Bar visited Ecole Central Paris last week. We served drinks made from oranges, grapefruit, strawberries, bananas,...

"We only get to play this game once"

Blog entry by Irene | 14 June, 2007 4 comments

Are there really people out there who still need convincing that we have to act on climate change? Join the 7 step climate campaign . It’s a start. (An extra + to this man for not making it a bloody boring power...

Thousands protest against nuclear power in Indonesia

Blog entry by Lisa | 13 June, 2007 4 comments

This month thousands of people in Indonesia have been showing their opposition to nuclear power with a massive protest yesterday in the Kudus regency against government plans to build Indonesia's first new nuclear power plant in the...

Thank you, Rachel Carson

Blog entry by brianfit | 8 June, 2007 2 comments

©Greenpeace/Newman I grew up without eagles. I was a child of the 60s, and the place where I spent most of my youth was upstate New York in the United States.Largely agricultural, the area was heavily sprayed with pesticides. The...

"Recent CO2 rises exceed worst-case scenarios"

Blog entry by Andrew | 8 June, 2007

That chilling (irony intended) headline is from a New Scientist article someone just sent me (thanks Tom). From the story: The world's recent carbon dioxide emissions are growing more rapidly than even the worst-case climate...

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