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BBC followup - skeptical about bias

Blog entry by Andrew | 15 November, 2007

About a year ago, BBC environmental correspondent, Richard Black, asked climate change skeptics to send him evidence that scientific institutions are biased against them, and promised to look into any concrete claims. As he says,...

Remote control banner

Blog entry by Andrew | 15 November, 2007 6 comments

We had another surprise for the World Energy Congress today - four remote controlled banners that unrolled from the ceiling of the conference hall with the slogan "ENEL: Do Not Export Nuclear Risk". [ Large photo. ] ENEL is an...

Greenpeace Slovenia...

Blog entry by Martin Lloyd | 15 November, 2007 2 comments

Slovenia may not be high on many people's radars, but from the beginning of 2008 Slovenia will be President of the European Union . Our Slovenian office and EU specialists will be keeping an eye on them at http://www.greenpeace...

How are we doing Al?

Blog entry by Martin Lloyd | 15 November, 2007 4 comments

A while ago Al Gore asked why more young people weren't out protesting about coal power stations in an effort to save the climate. Australia Greenpeace has shut down the Munmorah coal power station , about 110 km north of Sydney.

An Environment Minister blogs our Rome action

Blog entry by Andrew | 14 November, 2007 1 comment

[If you missed this story, info and slideshow are here .] Well here's something you don't see every day. Apparently, the Icelandic Minister for the Environment, Mr. Oessur Skarphedinsson, is an ardent blogger, which is cool enough...

Oil addiction

Blog entry by Andrew | 14 November, 2007

Just posted a story about the Kerch oil spill . Was checking around for news coverage and noticed a few good stories about our oil addiction. From the BBC : Oil is the poison in the diplomatic mix. The need to buy it means that...

Forest Protection is a Climate Solution

Blog entry by Martin Lloyd | 14 November, 2007 1 comment

The four biggest emitters of CO2 in the world are the USA, China, Indonesia and Brazil. We all know about the top one, the second place isn't too surprising but Indonesia and Brazil? Well with CO2 released from deforestation making up...

New Eurostar terminal opens in London to confetti and balloons

Blog entry by Jamie | 14 November, 2007 1 comment

It was a small action that happened in London this morning, but in the interests of the entente cordial I thought it was worth a mention, not least because the title for the press release chosen by our media officer made me laugh:...

BBC's top 10 things to say to a climate change skeptic

Blog entry by Andrew | 13 November, 2007 6 comments

What do you say to people who, despite mountains of scientific evidence, keep denying that climate change is a problem? My favorite so far... Climate Change Denier: I don't think climate change is a big deal because blah blah blah...

Slideshow from our surprise visit to the World Energy Congress

Blog entry by Andrew | 13 November, 2007

For the full story read, " World Energy Congress and nuclear madness ", or jump straight to the briefing .

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