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First Step on Balinese Land

Blog entry by Woon | 4 December, 2007

Thursday 29 Nov 2007 by Woon SG-Thailand As soon as I walked out of the plane on Balinese land, I pulled off my light jacket. The issue of climate change seems to greet me as early as I took my first step on the land where the...

Jo - Communications Officer

Blog entry by Jo Kuper | 4 December, 2007

Hi I’m Jo. I’ve swapped my job in Amsterdam, which amongst other things involves sitting behind a computer and talking lots on the phone to sit behind a computer and talk lots on the phone here at the Bali meetings. I’m also running...

Fossil fuels are not the future, Yvo!

Blog entry by Daniel | 4 December, 2007

Posted by Daniel, political advisor at the Bali International Conference Centre Yvo de Boer, the head of the UNFCCC has done a lot to move the global climate negotiations forward. No questions about that. But yesterday he shocked...

Labeling coal for what it is

Blog entry by Andrew | 3 December, 2007 1 comment

Third time’s the charm! Our next action finds us in southern Italy outside the town of Brindisi. We have delivered a one-two punch to coal in our last action of the tour. It began on Friday with an action at the biggest CO2 polluter...

Cooking the climate

Blog entry by tom | 3 December, 2007 1 comment

By Gavin, climate campaign leader It's day one of the climate negotiations here in Bali, and time for world governments to stop posturing and start putting major solutions to climate change in place. One of the key outcomes that...

Unusual Xmas gifts

Blog entry by Andrew | 3 December, 2007

Greenpeace Australia has launched a gift giving website for the holiday season where you can buy stuff more interesting than t-shirts and other normal Greenpeace gifts. (Although we all still like t-shirts .) Pictured at left is the ...

Video: Overfishing threatens Pacific tuna

Blog entry by Lisa | 3 December, 2007 1 comment

Just found this excellent little news piece by Al Jazeera on Pacific tuna specifically shot in Guam this summer. Check it out!

Negotiations need to speed up!

Blog entry by Daniel | 3 December, 2007

Posted by Daniel, political advisor at the Bali International Conference Centre The music was pretty cheesy. But when it was over, the UN climate negotiations were formally started. At last. The most important two weeks in...

The Big Eye is on Guam

Blog entry by Lisa | 2 December, 2007 3 comments

Not too long ago I remember reading that fish stocks in the Pacific were relatively healthy and that it was the only region in the world where tuna was not being overfished. But a lot has changed in just a few years and scientists are...

Finally, Bali ... so how did we get here?

Blog entry by Daniel | 2 December, 2007

Posted by Daniel, political advisor in Bali Here we are again - the globalization bubble of hotels, hotels and western chain stores that is the very southern tip of the island of Bali. The military is also already here -...

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