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"Environmentalists Beaten, One Dead"

Blog entry by Andrew | 23 July, 2007 1 comment

From today's Moscow Times : Masked attackers armed with metal rods and baseball bats raided a camp of environmental protesters near an east Siberian uranium enrichment plant over the weekend, beating one person to death and injuring...

Get naked for the climate

Blog entry by Andrew | 19 July, 2007 8 comments

As art, we hasten to add, in Switzerland. From Reuters : Greenpeace is seeking hundreds of volunteers willing to strip naked on a shrinking Swiss glacier next month for a photo shoot meant to raise alarm about global warming. The...

That Richter fellow - measuring earthquakes

Blog entry by Andrew | 19 July, 2007

Been doing my reading about earthquakes. Apparently there's two basic ways to measure them: intensity and magnitude . Mostly people talk about magnitude, and almost always it's described using the Richter scale - also known as...

Revealing statement from nuke industry official

Blog entry by Andrew | 19 July, 2007

From the Japan Times : In 2005, the Tokyo High Court rejected a lawsuit by local residents seeking to revoke a state permit on the installation of the No. 1 reactor at the seven-reactor power station. The court rejected the...

Can't beat The Onion for nuke one-liners

Blog entry by eoin | 19 July, 2007 1 comment

America's Finest (Parody) News Source gave me a chuckle with this faux vox pop quotation about the Japanese nuclear reactor fire this week: "What a shame. In every other respect, that earthquake zone was the perfect place to build...

Great e-waste video

Blog entry by tom | 18 July, 2007 1 comment

Very cool video about the e-waste problem and it's made by someone else, damn! We campaign to green the electronics industry and reducing e-waste but this is one of the best short videos on the issue I have seen. Brought to you by...

Update on nuke plant damaged by earthquake

Blog entry by Andrew | 17 July, 2007 1 comment

It's now being reported that the scale of the water leak is larger than was first said, and that some drums of nuclear waste also spilled. Somehow I am not reassured by repeated protestations from company spokespeople that there has...

Simple lang - for the climate

Blog entry by Andrew | 17 July, 2007 4 comments

Simple lang means "simple act", and it is what the Greenpeace Philippines office is calling its version of the 7 steps . This movie makes it really... simple. Easy to understand. If you want to be part of something simple (and...

Fire at nuclear plant in Japan

Blog entry by Andrew | 16 July, 2007

Straight from the Guardian : A strong earthquake struck northwestern Japan on Monday, causing a fire and radioactive water leak at one of the world's most powerful nuclear plants and turning buildings into piles of lumber. At least...

How to save the climate - HK style

Blog entry by Andrew | 16 July, 2007 2 comments

Greenpeace China has released a (bi-lingual) version of our " How to save the climate " brochure specifically for Hong Kong. One thing I enjoy about working for an international organization is seeing how the different national...

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