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BBC poll - people willing to make personal sacrifices to stop climate change

Blog entry by Andrew | 5 November, 2007 5 comments

From the BBC today: Most people say they are ready to make personal sacrifices to address climate change, according to a BBC poll of 22,000 people in 21 countries. Four out of five people say they are prepared to change their...

Swedish petrol giant ditches deforestation bio-diesel

Blog entry by tom | 31 October, 2007 3 comments

Swedish petrol giant OKQ8 has ditched plans to use palm oil in their new biodiesel Eco20. We are opposed to palm oil production, which destroys native rainforest, often by burning, to make way for massive palm plantations. OKQ8 was...

Indonesia - save the peat bogs!

Blog entry by Andrew | 30 October, 2007 2 comments

In Indonesia, peat swamp forests are being destoryed to make way for palm oil plantations. First the trees are cleared or burned, then the swamp is drained and the peat decomposes. Huge amounts of global warming gas are emitted in...

Should we be eating Skippy to solve climate change?

Blog entry by Richard | 30 October, 2007 4 comments

To eat Skippy or not to eat Skippy, that seems to be the question. But of course, it wasn't the question we were interested in at all. Not sure what i'm talking about? Well, it is a simple story about kangaroos, climate change and what...

Mayor and governor of Sao Paulo join fight for the Amazon

Blog entry by Andrew | 26 October, 2007 1 comment

The state of Sao Paulo is the major industrial powerhouse of the Brazilian economy and has about one-fifth of the country's population. The city of the same name, is not only the largest city in Brazil, it's the most populous in the...

France's Revolution Ecologique

Blog entry by eoin | 26 October, 2007

Greenpeace campaigners are still in heated discussions this morning with the French government and representatives of other social partners at France's environmental policy making forum, le Grenelle de l’Environnement . If you can...

The most important thing Sarkozy said

Blog entry by brianfit | 26 October, 2007 5 comments

The French Prime Minister's Grenelle "public consultation" on the environment isn't over yet, and we're all struggling with conflicting reports about what has been decided and how it will be implemented. We're waiting until the dust...

ROI reality check on corporations saving the planet

Blog entry by Andrew | 26 October, 2007

From Business Week : On the surface, it appears that Big Business is getting serious about climate change. Almost every major company is launching a green strategy, designed to cast it as being part of the solution on global warming...

CO2 levels rising faster than expected; but UK government wants to block renewables

Blog entry by Andrew | 23 October, 2007

From Greenpeace UK : On the same day that scientists have shown that carbon emissions are accumulating far more quickly than predicted , leaked documents reveal that Labour wants to work with the nuclear-obsessed French and the...

World Bank aiding destruction

Blog entry by Andrew | 23 October, 2007

A long time World Bank adviser, Robert Goodland, has published a brutal critique of the direction it's taken, focusing especially on the Amazon . From his Guardian op-ed : The Bank Group is stimulating hundreds of millions of...

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