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Turkey Tender

Blog entry by Justin | 23 September, 2008

Despite their last three tenders for a nuclear power plant in the Akkuyu region of Turkey failing, the country’s government is pressing on with another on September 24. Thirteen companies have expressed an interest in bidding for the...

Wishful thinking of the day

Blog entry by Justin | 23 September, 2008 2 comments

How about this for a solution to the highly radioactive waste produced by nuclear power stations? Mark Lynas, writing in the UK's New Statesman magazine suggests... fourth-generation nuclear reactors : This is the solution proposed...

Nuclear energy news for September 23 2008

Blog entry by Justin | 23 September, 2008

Some other stories from the nuclear industry you may have missed: Gazette.Net: Bechtel nabs $6B nuclear deal ‘Bechtel Marine Propulsion Corp. has snared a $6 billion contract from the U.S. Naval Nuclear Propulsion Program to...

Isn't it time we bailed out the planet?

Blog entry by Martin Lloyd | 22 September, 2008 4 comments

How much renewable energy could you buy for the 700 billion US dollars about to be spent bailing out failed banks? Here's a quick calculation Global wind market in 2007 - 37 billion dollars - 19 865 MW added 700 billion is about...

France’s nuclear industry: Cry me Areva

Blog entry by Justin | 22 September, 2008

Is the French nuclear industry in trouble? It’s been a bad year for it – a long run of bad news. This summer’s long list of leaks and accidents at French nuclear sites caused by incompetence, cover up and poor safety standards made the...

The land of the unexpected

Blog entry by Lisa | 22 September, 2008

From Dean, onboard the Esperanza in Papua New Guinea They say Papua New Guinea is the land of the unexpected and that’s exactly what researchers found in 1995. Scientists surveyed all things jumping, growing and breathing in the...

Nuclear energy news for September 22 2008

Blog entry by Justin | 22 September, 2008

Some other stories from the nuclear industry you may have missed: Red, Green, and Blue: Italy’s Berlusconi Vows a Return to Nuclear ‘A month after the conservatives and their embattled leader returned to power back in April, the...

Velib' and World Car Free Day

Blog entry by eoin | 22 September, 2008 2 comments

Today is World Car Free Day -- a showcase of what city life could be if we used our feet more, cycled, and took public transport to get around. Amsterdam, where I now live, has marked the occasion with a week of activities and...

Amrit's vlog from the Rainbow Warrior

Blog entry by Lisa | 19 September, 2008

Amrit, an activist from India, on board the Rainbow Warrior talks about what they've been up to lately and why it's so important that we Quit Coal - to save the climate. Tell Israel to Quit Coal!

The Business Minister’s brain is missing

Blog entry by Justin | 19 September, 2008

The UK’s Business Minister John Hutton makes it all sound so easy. He plans to … …tell the newly-created Nuclear Development Forum's first meeting that new nuclear power plants are also crucial in preventing power cuts as ageing...

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