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Our weblogs from around the world. Making Waves covers general Greenpeace and environmental news, Nuclear Reaction spotlights the nuclear industry, and from Greenpeace UK, the Energydesk, reporting on Energy and Climate issues.

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Friday’s fun nuclear facts!

Blog entry by Justin | 26 September, 2008 1 comment

Let’s round off the week with some amazing facts from the whacky world of nuclear energy… • The UK’s 60,000 tonnes of nuclear waste is difficult to visualise. Instead, imagine a pile of 15,000 elephants. That’s around a quarter of the...

Greenpeace UK: Rhetoric vs reality

Blog entry by Justin | 26 September, 2008

Yesterday: "I want British companies and British workers to seize the opportunity and lead the world in the transformation to a low carbon economy and I believe that we can create in modern green manufacturing and service one million...

Nuclear energy news for September 26 2008

Blog entry by Justin | 26 September, 2008

Some other stories from the nuclear industry you may have missed: China View: Russian, Venezuelan presidents to hold talks ‘Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin has told Chavez, who is here for a two-day working visit, that...

New Japanese Whaling Commissioner

Blog entry by brianfit | 26 September, 2008 3 comments

So, Japan has a new government. For all of us who have been single-mindedly pursuing a complete end to whaling for decades now, there's only one question that matters: what does this mean for the country's whaling policy? I suspect...

Activists occupy Canadian logging company headquarters

Blog entry by Lisa | 25 September, 2008

Read more and find out what you can do.

Turkey’s nuclear ‘renaissance’: the party’s over

Blog entry by Justin | 25 September, 2008 2 comments

Poor Turkey. How would you feel if you threw a party, invited all your friends, and only one turned up? That’s how the Turkish government must be feeling this morning after the bidding closed for the contract to build a nuclear...

Inspecting Britain's nuclear ‘renaissance’

Blog entry by Justin | 25 September, 2008 3 comments

Congratulations to the French government who now owns the British nuclear industry. Let’s hope they make a better job of it than the British government who’ve made places in Britain some of the most radioactive in the world. And so...

Nuclear energy news for September 25 2008

Blog entry by Justin | 25 September, 2008

Some other stories from the nuclear industry you may have missed: ISIS: Old Nuclear Cash Cows Exposed ‘The “nuclear renaissance” may be a convenient charade to distract people while industry milks the old nuclear cash cows to...

How did we make those Washington Bears?

Blog entry by Martin Lloyd | 25 September, 2008

The heat is on - tell your MEP it's time to lead

Blog entry by Lisa | 24 September, 2008

Make sure the EU answers the call to keep global warming below 2 degrees. Tell your MEP that it's time to lead You can even leave an answerphone message for your European leaders on YouTube. Make sure they feel the heat!

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