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Nuclear energy news for September 11 2008

Blog entry by Justin | 11 September, 2008

Some other stories from the nuclear industry you may have missed: The London Times: E.ON to build £4bn British nuclear power station ‘E.ON, the German energy group, is drawing up plans to build a £4 billion nuclear power station...

Activists aquited for action against coal plant

Blog entry by Andrew | 10 September, 2008 2 comments

[ Five of the 'Kingsnorth Six' at the top of the 200m chimney. ] From our press release (with small edits): The charges arose after the six attempted to shut down the Kingsnorth coal-fired power station in Kent last year by scaling...

First time for everything

Blog entry by Lisa | 10 September, 2008 5 comments

Here's a blog from Joanna, who is an Israeli volunteer on the Rainbow Warrior. This was my first time sailing, my first time big scale action, and the first time getting arrested. I boarded the Rainbow Warrior three days ago and...

Bulgaria’s Belene: Misinformation, disinformation, and propaganda

Blog entry by Justin | 10 September, 2008

The collapse of the Soviet Union nearly 20 years ago obviously put a lot of spies and spooks out of work. With the Cold War at an end, the various superpowers and their allies no longer needed armies of secret agents to gather...

Nuclear energy news for September 10 2008

Blog entry by Justin | 10 September, 2008

Some other stories from the nuclear industry you may have missed: New York Times: A bad Deal ‘President Bush has failed to achieve so many of his foreign policy goals, but last weekend he proved that he can still get what he...

Less toxic iPods rock

Blog entry by tom | 10 September, 2008 4 comments

Yesterday Steve Jobs announced Apple new iPod line up. Here’s the bit that really got our attention about the new models : • Arsenic-free glass • Brominated flame retardant-free • Mercury-free • PVC-free It’s great to see...

A day in the life of an on board press officer

Blog entry by Lisa | 10 September, 2008

This is from Jo onboard the Rainbow Warrior in the Mediterranean - currently in the region as part of the Quit Coal tour There we were sailing along towards the Ashkelon plant, trying to work out the best spot to meet the media...

Slideshow: Taking action against illegal logging in PNG

Blog entry by Lisa | 10 September, 2008 3 comments

The following is written by one of our activists from PNG onboard the Esperanza My name is Daniel Holland, I’m a freelance artist. My Dad is from Abau, Central Province and Mum from Popondetta, Northern Province, Papua New Guinea. ...

Excited in Israel

Blog entry by Lisa | 10 September, 2008

Here are two lovely blogs from Dr. Uygar Ozesmi the Executive Director of Greenpeace Mediterranean September 6th Just two months ago we were part of the Arctic Sunrise Tour for the protection of Blue Fin Tuna and the creation of...

The Indian Nuclear Stakes

Blog entry by Justin | 9 September, 2008 1 comment

As we said yesterday , the scramble is now on to grab a slice of the £14 billion the Indian government has to spend nuclear technology. Since the Nuclear Suppliers Group gave its blessing at the weekend to India having nuclear power...

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