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Hiroshima remembered

Blog entry by Andrew | 6 August, 2008

Let's never do anything like that again. OK?

The ‘don’t read this while eating’ fact of the day

Blog entry by Justin | 6 August, 2008

In 1998, the Sellafield nuclear facility in northern England had to employ sharpshooters to cull seagulls when it was found that the birds’ droppings were radioactive . Ten years later the seagulls are still a problem . The bodies...

Nuclear power: in need of a ‘boost’

Blog entry by Justin | 6 August, 2008

South Africa is looking for a nuclear ‘renaissance’ of its own. Whereas the original Renaissance had artists and philosophers as its foot soldiers, this modern renaissance has troops of a different calibre in the front line: PR...

Fallout from August 6 2008

Blog entry by Justin | 6 August, 2008

Some other stories from the nuclear industry you may have missed: Stuff: NZ heading to nuke clash with India ‘New Zealand's hardline anti-nuclear policy is threatening to create a diplomatic storm with India. Wellington later...

The nuclear industry: consistent on consultations

Blog entry by Justin | 5 August, 2008

As we saw with both Bulgaria’s and Canada’s nuclear industries, the nuclear industry uses the same tactics across the world to get what it wants. In the case of Belene in Bulgaria and nuclear plants in Ontario, Canada it was a case of ...

"Whaling as a business hardly justifies the environmental costs" - former Japanese...

Blog entry by Dave | 5 August, 2008 4 comments

Remember my blog from a couple of weeks ago, Killing whales to reduce climate change? I don't think so... ? It was about an article in the English-language newspaper, The Japan Times , which quoted Kunio Yonezawa, "a former IWC...

Fallout from August 5 2008

Blog entry by Justin | 5 August, 2008

Some other stories from the nuclear industry you may have missed: Kansas City InfoZine: Weapons Plutonium Fuel Test Fails ‘Citing the recent failure of an experimental plutonium fuel assembly test at a South Carolina nuclear...

The Guru

Blog entry by Salvatore | 5 August, 2008 2 comments

Enlarge Image Hi there, my name is Will Morris-Julien and I'm a comic artist based in the far west of Wales over here in the UK. Over the last two weeks I have been working with the Greenpeace International Toxic's team on a series...

Greenpeace UK: Time to turn our backs on the failing nuclear industry

Blog entry by Justin | 5 August, 2008 1 comment

‘Friday's announcement that French state owned utility Electricite de France (EDF) had pulled out of a takeover bid for British Energy has left Gordon Brown's nuclear aspirations in disarray. […] So where does it leave us? Well,...

Against nuclear power

Blog entry by Justin | 4 August, 2008 6 comments

We had a comment on the blog from a ColinG making some specific points. You can read his comment here . Responding to his comment allows us to repeat Greenpeace’s stance on nuclear energy and offer examples of why this is the case.

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