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Thank you, Rachel Carson

Blog entry by brianfit | 8 June, 2007 2 comments

©Greenpeace/Newman I grew up without eagles. I was a child of the 60s, and the place where I spent most of my youth was upstate New York in the United States.Largely agricultural, the area was heavily sprayed with pesticides. The...

"Recent CO2 rises exceed worst-case scenarios"

Blog entry by Andrew | 8 June, 2007

That chilling (irony intended) headline is from a New Scientist article someone just sent me (thanks Tom). From the story: The world's recent carbon dioxide emissions are growing more rapidly than even the worst-case climate...

G8 wrap: Waffle, reheated anyone?

Blog entry by Andrew | 8 June, 2007 1 comment

Update from Daniel at the summit - As G8 leaders are just sitting down for their last lunch, a special G8 menu has mysteriously appeared at the G8 media centre. They have served us nice cake and coffee here over the last few days.

Stirring it up at the G8 - and seeing our message get through

Blog entry by Andrew | 8 June, 2007 14 comments

[ © Axel Schmidt/DDP ] Jo is our very busy press officer at the summit's media centre. Here's her first hand account from today. From Jo: It wasn't until I saw the footage on the super-sized screens in the media centre that I...

Greenpeace reaction to G8 climate deal

Blog entry by Andrew | 7 June, 2007

Here's the statement from our team at the summit: Greenpeace condemned G8 leaders for failing to live up to their historic responsibility for climate change by not agreeing to keep mean temperature rise below 2 degrees compared to...

Into the exclusion zone at the G8

Blog entry by Andrew | 7 June, 2007 7 comments

Update: Just found more footage and photos on der Spiegel . Update 2: Just got good news, some severe bruising and one activist will have to stay in the hospital a bit longer - but no serious injuries. The boats and 19 people...

The story so far

Blog entry by Andrew | 7 June, 2007

Officially, it's only day two of the summit, but there's already been a tons of political drama. For those of you just coming to the story, Greenpeace UK has a good overview up on their site. Here's an excerpt: So the sleeves are...

Room for a Green View?

Blog entry by tom | 7 June, 2007 1 comment

I'm always very excited when the Apple store goes offline and Apple is presenting its new products but on Tuesday I was even more since I was really curious to see what Apple would have offered after the Greener Apple statement . They...

Choose the right biofuel or the orang-utan gets it

Blog entry by Jamie | 6 June, 2007

Last month in the UK, we launched a campaign with several other organisations for rigorous controls on biofuels. Governments across the EU are trying to force fuel companies to supply more biofuels and so cut carbon dioxide emissions...

Merkel and Bush

Blog entry by Andrew | 6 June, 2007

My favorite headline of the G8 so far, " Bush, Merkel vow to fight poverty, disagree on climate ". This follows what was apparently a very nice lunch meeting between the two of them. From the article: "But Bush made no reference to...

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