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A new green iPhone by the end of 2008?

Blog entry by tom | 9 July, 2008 2 comments

With the familiar hype, the latest "revolutionary" iPhone 3G is released by Apple this Friday. In all the promises of faster, better, cheaper, there's not a peep about it being any greener than the first iPhone. Well there is a...

Maldives call on G8: Don't let us drown

Blog entry by Daniel | 9 July, 2008 3 comments

It's the last day of the G8 - and hopefully the last day of Bush's Major Emitters/ Economies meetings . Today, countries representing 80 percent of global emissions will be holding talks. They will not make progress - because the G8...

EDF: France’s loss is Britain’s gain

Blog entry by Justin | 8 July, 2008

What the nuclear industry gives with one hand, it takes with the other, it seems. Take the news this morning that French EDF and GDF Suez are going toe-to-toe on who gets to build France’s freshly announced second European...

Fallout from July 8 2008

Blog entry by Justin | 8 July, 2008

Some other stories from the nuclear industry you may have missed: Forbes: France's Borloo says 2nd EPR 'marginal' for electricity production ‘France's second European pressurised water nuclear power reactor, proposed by President...

One demi-Chernobyl

Blog entry by Justin | 8 July, 2008

Good news everyone! It's been estimated that over the next 40 years the Japanese Rokkasho nuclear recycling plant will only release a collective dose of radiation equivalent to half of that released during the Chernobyl disaster. We...

G8 climate statement: if this is a step forward - we will never get there!

Blog entry by Daniel | 8 July, 2008 2 comments

The G8 climate statement is out (see here ). The leaders will spin this as a good step forward. Sadly, it is not. Here is our reaction: “The G8 have failed the world again. While the Arctic is melting, the G8 are postponing action.

Solving the food crisis?

Blog entry by Daniel | 8 July, 2008 1 comment

If you look at the G8 agenda, most of it is about food. There is a working lunch, a working dinner, another working lunch. And then there is the photo call. And then - that's it. How appropriate, then, that they have been talking about...

Fallout from July 7 2008

Blog entry by Justin | 7 July, 2008

Some other stories from the nuclear industry you may have missed: Reuters: CEZ may ask for review of new nuclear projects ‘Czech power firm CEZ may ask the state to launch an environmental assessment study on a potential new...

Mollycoddling the nuclear baby

Blog entry by Justin | 7 July, 2008

Being a player in the nuclear industry is very much like being a big, lumbering baby learning to walk. You blunder along putting one clumsy foot in front of another, safe in the knowledge that if you look like you're going to fall, a...

Atomic Tales

Blog entry by Justin | 7 July, 2008 1 comment

Welcome to Nuclear Reaction, Greenpeace’s latest blog, where we’ll be recording for history the meltdown of that most over-rated, over-subsidised and over-confident of industries, the nuclear industry. The nuclear industry is always...

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