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Bello at the G8 Protests

Blog entry by miko | 3 June, 2007

by Miko Alino, SG Pilipinas Riot police in Germany have started coming in and tried to disperse demonstrators at the Rostock City Harbour with tear gas and water cannons. The protestors and the police had a few exchanges before...

Amish going solar

Blog entry by Andrew | 3 June, 2007

This one's via Treehugger : Many Amish are installing solar panels. I expect this will surprise a few readers since the Amish are better known by their disdain for most modern conveniences (or what we think of as conveniences...

Snowmen and Elvis against global warming

Blog entry by Andrew | 2 June, 2007

Update from Agnes: Several members of the Solar Generation, together with students from People and Planet, took part yesterday in a largely peaceful G8 demonstration in Rostock. Carrying huge banners and inflatable snowmen, people...

Olkiluoto nuclear plant protest ends

Blog entry by Andrew | 1 June, 2007 1 comment

Today the three remaining activists made their way safely down the construction crane - ending their occupation of the Olkiluoto, Finland, nuclear plant construction site. You can read a (2nd hand) update from one of the climbers on...

How to get a green message direct to Steve?

Blog entry by tom | 1 June, 2007 3 comments

When Apple CEO Steve Jobs made his "A Greener Apple" statement he acknowledged that Apple fans expected more from Apple. We wanted to send him a permanent memento and reminder of the great work many Apple fans had sent us via our...

Bush's sham of a climate plan

Blog entry by Andrew | 31 May, 2007 1 comment

From the AP story : "President Bush on Thursday urged 15 major nations to agree by the end of next year on a global emissions goal for reducing greenhouse gases." Sounds very proactive of him. But wait a sec. There are already...

Japanese animation: Our turn to save the whales

Blog entry by Brian Fitzgerald | 31 May, 2007 2 comments

Academy-award nominated Japanese animator Koji Yamamura has created this tiny, beautiful story about a Japanese headmaster who saves a whale, returning a debt for having been saved from starvation after the second world war. The...

Look after yourself Cindy Sheehan, and thank you

Blog entry by eoin | 31 May, 2007 4 comments

Photo by KG4CHW. License: Creative Commons Attribution 2.0. Cindy Sheehan spoke with Amy Goodman on DemocracyNow yesterday about the day her son Casey died in Iraq, campaigning to hold Bush and Congress to account for the Iraq war...

New World Bank head nominated

Blog entry by Andrew | 30 May, 2007 1 comment

More from Daniel, one of our political advisors, on changes at the World Bank: Bush has done it again. The US President has put loyalty ahead of merit by choosing Robert Zoellick as the new head of the World Bank . I have known...

Food for thought on whaling and Japan

Blog entry by Andrew | 30 May, 2007 2 comments

This morning Keiko (press officer for Greenpeace Japan) sent me an article from the Asahi Shimbun (a major Japanese newspaper). It makes me wish I understood Japanese culture better. If this was in a UK or US newspaper I'd suspect the...

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