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Greenpeace at the Mirno More

Blog entry by Dave | October 9, 2006

© Greenpeace/Ingrid Frankhauser Just been looking at photographs from the Mirno More peace fleet trip on the Greenpeace Austria website, with lots of happy faces on board a Greenpeace yacht in the Adriatic. Mirno More means...


Blog entry by Martin Lloyd | October 9, 2006

Developer, marketeer, salesman, consultant, copywriter, communications specialist and now project manager. I've done a lot of things in my time - some of them well. The carefully posed photograph doubtless gives me away as what I am -...

Korean nuclear weapons test: Now What?

Blog entry by Brian Fitzgerald | October 9, 2006

Rémi Parmentier, longtime Greenpeace activist and once branded as a "nasty little agitator" writes today in his blog: When I read that the North Korean authorities claim that their underground nuclear test has not "resulted in any...

REACH for chemical-free fashion

Blog entry by Dave | October 8, 2006

© Greenpeace / Philip Reynaers Not a typical Greenpeace photo, eh? Where's the hairy chap in orange overalls? Sorry, but this is a model wearing Spanish fashions made without the harmful chemicals commonly used in the textiles we...

North Korea: Happy 'Nuclear Free' Anniversary Kim Jong-il

Blog entry by Dave | October 8, 2006 1 comment

© Greenpeace/Stefano Montesi You may not be aware - but the North Korean leader, Kim Jong-il, is planning to test a nuclear weapon during the coming days, to coincide with the 9th anniversary of his leadership of the country. Scary,...

Nuclear menace: We're launching a legal challenge against the UK government

Blog entry by Dave | October 7, 2006

From Greenpeace UK's website: We're taking legal action against the government for deciding to support nuclear power without full public consultation.If you followed the 2006 energy review, you'll know that many people suspected that...

Turn that computer off! Now!

Blog entry by Dave | October 7, 2006 3 comments

In the UK, The Independent newspaper has reported that: One in five white-collar workers told a national survey that they left their computers on at least three times a week, wasting more than £100m of electricity every year. ...

73 million dead sharks (per year!)

Blog entry by Andrew | October 4, 2006 1 comment

The booming shark fin trade is killing up to 73 million sharks per year - three times more than the official catch numbers. That's according to a new study by Miami University researchers affiliated with the Pew Institute for Ocean...

Our place in the world (Röyksopp video)

Blog entry by Dave | October 4, 2006

For me, having a good attitude towards the environment is realising that "the environment" isn't somewhere else - it's where you're sitting right now. And part of that realisation is how certain actions - those that we take for...

More Crop Circles in Mexico, Spain and Philippines

Blog entry by Dave | October 3, 2006 3 comments

© Greenpeace / Gustavo Graf As you may know, we've been recently been busy creating seasonal crop circles all over the world , to highlight the appearance of GE crops in fields in several countries. Three more appeared in the last...

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