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Australia to go nuclear?

Blog entry by Richard | 22 November, 2006 7 comments

After five months of deliberation, the handpicked government committee looking into the feasibility of nuclear energy for Australia has released its report. Not surprisingly, it gives nuclear the thumbs up, with a catch. Nuclear power...

Radiohead: Save them Fish!!

Blog entry by brianfit | 21 November, 2006 4 comments

I'm a bigtime Radiohead fan. But then I'm an easy mark for any musicians that can master an instrument that less than a hundred people worldwide can play and turn the lyric "I'm a Creep" into an anthem. Here's a recent notice of...

Oasis, Defn : A quiet place where there's nothing worth listening to

Blog entry by Martin Lloyd | 21 November, 2006

Back when I promoted a nightclub one of my DJs said to me 'The Problem with Oasis is that they never know how to finish a song', and it's true, they don't, they all drone on and on forever getting steadily more annoying. Kind of like...

Philippines oil spill redux

Blog entry by Andrew | 21 November, 2006 7 comments

Just three months ago a Petron chartered tanker sank causing the worst oil spill in Philippines history. Now a barge used by the same company as part of the on going clean up has sunk. From Greenpeace Philippines : Last night, the...

Article from Canada!

Blog entry by Golam | 20 November, 2006

Sorry, this is being quite lazy but i thought i needed to post this here!! Runaway Climate Change - A Frightening Lack Of Leadership By Bill Henderson 20 November, 2006 Countercurrents. org The scientific consensus, already...

Afterwards . . .

Blog entry by Golam | 20 November, 2006

Well today is the 20th of November and we're all done with the COPMOP stuff. The safari COP is over and most of us have returned to our respective villages. The conference seems to have been mostly dissatisfying from whatever news i've...

News roundup: Bottom trawling / Blame Canada (and Espana)

Blog entry by Andrew | 20 November, 2006

Our "Blame Canada (and Espana) animation is causing a massive stir. Lots of Canadian newspapers have featured it, and I hear delegates at the UN meeting have been watching it on Karen's laptop. (Karen is one of our policy advisors at...

Get Blair Closer to his people: So no to Trident

Blog entry by Dave | 17 November, 2006

Who'd have thunk it? The latest wheeze to help the British Prime Minister get closer to his people is to have online petitions on the Number 10 website. Anyone can create a petition and encourage people to sign, and with the people...

Safari COP?

Blog entry by Jake | 17 November, 2006 1 comment

Today is the last day of the COP and we're all pretty nervous. The negotiations happen in offices outside of the public eye as the ministers hash out the final documents that will be released and determine how this COP will be defined.

Blame Canada (and España) - Bottom Trawling by way of South Park

Blog entry by Dave | 16 November, 2006 10 comments

This week will be our last chance for the UN to call for a moratorium on bottom trawling . The world is watching as Canada and Spain threaten to scupper what scientists call an "overwhelming" case. Take action now! Read...

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