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Rain in a ski resort - a sad but appropriate G8 start ...

Blog entry by Andrew | 7 July, 2008

Update from Daniel at the G8: The G8 leaders have been hiding from the people they claim to represent in ever more remote places in recent years. But the summit here at Toyako, Hokkaido, takes the idea of "hiding far, far...

The answer my friend is blowing in the wind

Blog entry by Mareike | 7 July, 2008 3 comments

Although this song reminds me of dreamy hippies, here in Southern Thailand it is reality. The Rainbow Warrior has arrived in Thailand and was greeted by traditional Thai dancers. My heart beat faster when the ship came into port. I...

G8 updates coming

Blog entry by Andrew | 4 July, 2008

Please stand by. Our team will be posting updates here straight from the G8.

Nutella, with this deforestation you are really spoiling us

Blog entry by Jamie | 4 July, 2008 3 comments

We're still working to build a coalition of companies which are determined to reform the palm oil industry so no more forest is lost due to the expansion of their plantations in South East Asia and with Unilever's help we're in...

Japan office saying thanks for your support

Blog entry by Andrew | 2 July, 2008 1 comment

Our activist friends Junichi and Toru are still behind bars. It's been 13 days since they were arrested after exposing a whale meat smuggling scandal. Yeah, feel free to read that sentence again if you need to. It's as crazy as it...

Deforestation 55000 times more dangerous than meteors

Blog entry by Juliette | 30 June, 2008 1 comment

Here’s a not-so-fun fact: I’ve been working on the forest campaign for about a month now, and I’ve heard a lot of people mention how many football fields of forest disappear every second/ hour/day . I don’t know about others, but I...

IWC wrap-up - everyone's "talking" but whales are no better off

Blog entry by Dave | 27 June, 2008 3 comments

At last... IWC60, also known as the 60th International Whaling Commission meeting, is now over. I started writing blog in the press room yesterday, while listening to the incredible (and often entertaining) rhetoric emanating from...

Live from the IWC - Something happening anytime soon now

Blog entry by Dave | 25 June, 2008 4 comments

IWC Chairman William Hogarth opens the Whale Kingdom for the Greenpeace Ocean Defenders © Greenpeace/Christian Varas Kallens. This is my first blog from the International Whaling Commission - as I write, we're into the third day of...

In the eye of the storm – or the effects of burning coal

Blog entry by Mareike | 24 June, 2008 5 comments

What an end to our Quit Coal ship tour in the Philippines… After talking about the effects of Climate Change on the Philippines for several weeks, I experienced them first hand with “Frank” or internationally better known as Typhoon...

Junichi Sato: Last blog before his arrest for exposing whaling corruption in Japan

Blog entry by brianfit | 23 June, 2008 12 comments

This is a rough translation of the final blog that Junichi Sato wrote before he was arrested in Tokyo for allegedly stealing a box of whale meat, itself stolen from the Japanese taxpayers, that he presented to police as evidence of...

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