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Nuclear power is safe, part 34561

Blog entry by Martin Lloyd | 4 February, 2008 1 comment

The Nuclear Installations Inspectorate visited the UK reprocessing plant at Sellafield and found evidence of an organisation with the kind of safety standards you'd expect from a state run enterprise in one of the world's richest...

Iran centre of WWD proliferation

Blog entry by eoin | 2 February, 2008

February 2, is World Wetlands Day, marking the date of the Convention on Wetlands in Ramsar, Iran, in 1971. People from environment groups and conservation agencies working on wetlands protection and education are celebrating today...

Polar bear arrested by man in hip waders

Blog entry by Andrew | 1 February, 2008

Yesterday, one of our activists was arrested outside the the US Department of Interior after a protest involving a polar bear suit and a paddle boat. Greenpeace US (along with other enviro groups) is pushing the Bush administration to...

Sea cows win legal battle against US Department of Defense

Blog entry by Lisa | 30 January, 2008

Some great news from Okinawa in Japan! A final ruling has been issued requiring the US Department of Defense to consider impacts of a new airbase on the endangered Okinawa dugong in order to avoid or mitigate any harm. Local...

Why do you think Adam and Eve were naked?

Blog entry by Lisa | 29 January, 2008 1 comment

This isn't actually all that different to what the real President Bush said yesterday and it's much more fun to watch!

Bush's State of the Union

Blog entry by Andrew | 29 January, 2008 2 comments

Personally, I didn't have the stomach to listen Bush's speech last night. Greenpeace USA executive director, John Passacantando did, and he doesn't mince words in his blog about it : Tonight the President was in classic form,...

The Sun distributed 4m lightbulbs in a day

Blog entry by eoin | 28 January, 2008 1 comment

Matt Prescott's great environmental campaign website - - reported on Friday that The Sun newspaper (Scotland) distributed four million energy saving lightbulbs in a single day. Yes, that Sun newspaper. Just one...

Dirty coal PR mines new depths

Blog entry by tom | 25 January, 2008 4 comments

Via the excellent I came across this advert where GE attempts to show how great coal is: As George rightly points out "This is a hard core denial ad. It’s aim is to undermine environmental concerns. Its...

Canon Can Save Whales

Blog entry by Lisa | 25 January, 2008 19 comments

In less than 24 hours, since we launched the "Canon Can Save Whales" Appeal , over 15,000 people have sent letters to the CEO of Canon Japan asking him to speak out against whaling. While the sheer number of letters is encouraging,...

Japanese people encouraged to re-examine whaling

Blog entry by Lisa | 23 January, 2008 2 comments

A Special Report has appeared in the Japanese buisiness magazine Shukan Toyo Keizai and we thought we'd share some of the translated version here. The folks at Greenpeace Japan have been very pleased that there is a discussion going...

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