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IPCC says we can do it

Blog entry by Andrew | 4 May, 2007

The latest IPCC report came out today. This is part of a six year process involving thousands of scientists. As Climate Progress points out: This report has to be signed off on by 120 governments, including the United States, and...

ADB - Honour Kyoto!

Blog entry by MartinB | 4 May, 2007

So, back at the Kyoto International Conference Centre. I, Athena, Greenpeace International’s Asia climate campaigner, was here in December 1997. I was one of many, negotiating a historic agreement: The Kyoto Protocol . It still is...

« Hotspot » Day

Blog entry by Agnes de Rooij | 4 May, 2007

Tuesday 1st May 2007, « Hotspot » Day - by Aurelie Uricher from SG France We woke up with a very good news today : members of IPCC won’t back nuclear energy but aim more for renewable and clean energy. We are really happy! It is...

Way cool climate change Flash movie

Blog entry by Andrew | 3 May, 2007 1 comment

Greenpeace Brazil is doing some very cool stuff in the climate campaign section of their website. Not only do they have chillin' tunes for download and a " Túnel Interativo " - they have the coolest interactive Flash movie I have...

Greenpeace Greece to Government: Ban the Bulb

Blog entry by eoin | 3 May, 2007

(Photo: Copyright © Greenpeace) 49 Greenpeace activists this morning staged a protest outside the Greek Ministry of Development demanding incandescent lightbulbs to be outlawed and replaced with energy saving CFL bulbs. The action...

Party for the Whales

Blog entry by Lisa | 3 May, 2007

Last year I decided to raise money for the Whale and Dolphin Conservation Society (WDCS) by having a party with my friends and getting them to give me money for all kinds of things. I put on a showing of the movie "Deep Blue" by...

Australians produce energy from beer

Blog entry by Adele | 3 May, 2007

...and not the kind that gets stored in beer guts! Homer Simpson was right: beer really is the solution to, and cause of, all life's problems. I was amused to read this morning that Australians have found yet another use for the...

Look what Apple just put on their front page!

Blog entry by Brian Fitzgerald | 2 May, 2007 9 comments

This is not our site, this is the REAL Apple site: We're reading Steve Job's Statement now. Update, 21:29 CET: Here's our reaction . Digg it! Hugg it! And Check out this from Mac User . We especially liked the...

What Apple needs to do to become Green to the core

Blog entry by brianfit | 2 May, 2007 7 comments

The Apple Annual General Meeting is on May 10th, the Green my Apple site just won a webby, and now is the time to for everyone to join hands, chant OMMMM in harmony, and send karma waves toward Cupertino asking Steve Jobs to announce...

Himalaya climate change expedition

Blog entry by Andrew | 2 May, 2007 4 comments

A Greenpeace team is in the Himalayas documenting the impacts of climate change on the glaciers of the world's highest mountain. They've brought some old photos with them, and will hopefully be able to document before and after shots...

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