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Some weird dolphins in the news - four finned and wolphins!

Blog entry by Dave | 8 November, 2006

First - the wolphin, or wholphin. Truth be told, when I saw this image on MSNBC, I thought "photoshop job" - not only is it kind of a tacky looking photograph, but the image itself look weird - possibly from being overcompressed.

Even some Canadians blame Canada

Blog entry by Andrew | 8 November, 2006

Here is a great editorial by, Averill Baker, who describes herself as a "live and die" Newfoundlander. It's clear she is genuinely (and rightly) flabbergasted by her government's position on bottom trawling. It starts off: Not...

BBC Earth Report goes rock bottom ... literally

Blog entry by Adele | 8 November, 2006

BBC's Earth Report has prepared a piece revealing that there are corals in the cold deep ocean. No surprise to us anti-bottom-trawling afficionados of course, but probably most people imagine a sandy, rocky, barren moonscape down...

The Climate Kiosk

Blog entry by Agnes de Rooij | 8 November, 2006

Hi all, Just a short update from a still very rainy Nairobi (can not seem to escape the Dutch autumn!). Hopefully next year's conference is in Bali ;-) The SolarGen students have set up their (already very popular!) exhibition stand...

Czech Ministry of Environment protects the polluters - not the climate!

Blog entry by Dave | 7 November, 2006 1 comment

© Greenpeace/Vaclav Vasku From the global day (or was it week?) of action on climate change - activists block the entrance of the Czech Ministry of Environment with a wooden barrier carrying the messages 'canceled for inactivity' ,...

October 2006: The Month in Pictures

Blog entry by Dave | 7 November, 2006

Copyright Greenpeace/Alex Hofford Above, 24 October 2006; Dawn breaks over the Pacific Ocean, seen from Korean longliner, Shin Yung 51. Crew from the Esperanza spent the night aboard and witnessed the longliner in action. See more...


Blog entry by Brian Fitzgerald | 7 November, 2006 1 comment

The climate meetings currently underway in Nairobi are called COP/MOP, which might suggest to the casual reader something other than a UN acronym. Perhaps we could suggest this: According to the UNFCCC website:     ...

Climate change is killing Ganga

Blog entry by Dave | 7 November, 2006 1 comment

© Greenpeace 1st November 2006 on the Gaumukh Glacier, Himalayas, India - activists stand in front of the Gaumukh glacier, source of the river Ganges. Their backpacks bear a message: "Climate change is killing Ganga". Recent...

Update at 1:47!

Blog entry by Golam | 7 November, 2006

this morning begn almost as last morning... cloudy and cool weather. people seem to be freezing but for some quaint reason i'm not quite that cold. anyways lots of things are happening today... some of the side events are really...

Sharks in hot water

Blog entry by Andrew | 6 November, 2006 1 comment

As many as 73 million sharks are killed for their fins each year, according to new research. But the actual figure is probably much higher because among other exceptions the study doesn't include sharks killed for meat, taken as...

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