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Yesmen launch new 'Exxon' fuel, Exxon rolls out the legal heavies

Blog entry by tom | 29 June, 2007 2 comments

The Yesmen , corporate pranksters (with a conscience) par excellence, have done it again with their unique and often hilarious brand of identity correction - this time nailing climate criminal numero uno ExxonMobil. They sneaked in to...

Coal industry put on notice

Blog entry by Andrew | 25 June, 2007 2 comments

The latest Platts International Coal Report ran a story about our work in Asia. Although I wouldn't call the article "favorable", it's always great to see an industry publication covering our work, and they did give fair comment to...

Cool climate annimations

Blog entry by Andrew | 25 June, 2007 1 comment

The winner was also really good (watch it here), but I like this one about elephants. (Can't go wrong with elephants I always say.) More climate animations here . Lots of good ones, though sadly lacking in the animated elephant...

Greenpeace, history, and T-shirts

Blog entry by brianfit | 24 June, 2007 8 comments

David McTaggart and Steve Sawyer, circa 1986 We had a big party Friday night to mark Steve Sawyer’s departure from Greenpeace after nearly 30 years of service to The Firm. We put an invitation out to the diaspora of Greenpeace...

San Francisco goes for smart energy

Blog entry by Andrew | 21 June, 2007 5 comments

From the Sacramento Bee : The city plans eventually to have at least 51 percent of its electricity supplied by renewable sources of energy -- compared to about 13 percent for PG&E today. Those new sources could include a wind farm...

Air travel and climate change

Blog entry by Andrew | 21 June, 2007 4 comments

This one kind of slipped by me, but Greenpeace UK did a cool thing a couple days ago. The set up booths at airports and gave away free train tickets. Over the past hour or so, impromptu ticket exchange booths have been appearing...

Climate change refugees

Blog entry by Andrew | 20 June, 2007

Today is World Refugee day. A day to focus worldwide attention on the the estimated 40 million people world wide uprooted by violence and persecution. But there is also a new kind of refugee. The climate refugee. In the words of...

Cod battered by Global Warming

Blog entry by brianfit | 19 June, 2007 1 comment

Alison writes: I thought you might be interested in reading and possibly linking to the following article on the effect of climate change on fisheries, published today in the Asbury Park Press . Of note is the historic decision of...

Oil industry's new solution

Blog entry by Andrew | 15 June, 2007 1 comment

The prankster Yes Men have hoaxed again. This time they spoke at a big oil industry exposition posing as representatives from the Natural Petroleum Council and ExxonMobil. Their proposed solution to reducing dependence on overseas...

MEPs show themselves to be a bit dim

Blog entry by Jamie | 15 June, 2007

The numbers are in and sadly they weren't quite what we were hoping for. Despite the huge amount of emails you sent to MEPs, asking them to support a ban on inefficient light bulbs across the EU (and thank you for that!), not enough...

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