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Americans fight against dirty power

Blog entry by Lisa | August 28, 2006 1 comment

© Greenpeace I was shocked to read an article in Grist about plans for the expansion of power generation using coal in the U.S. With 153 new coal plants currently proposed, the U.S plans to triple the amount of coal fired...

Technology Company Report Card

Blog entry by eoin | August 25, 2006

We published a scorecard and report today listing what tech companies are doing to reduce their share of the global electronic waste problem. Dell and Nokia didn’t do so badly, but those stylish Apple computers and Moto phones rated...

Rainbow Warrior Update on Marseille Blockade

Blog entry by Dave | August 25, 2006

Following an additional confrontation yesterday morning where tuna fishermen blockaded and boarded the Rainbow Warrior - as well as fire hosing its crew; our ship has been towed out of France's 12 mile territorial zone by the French...

Ocean Defenders TV: Philippines oil disaster

Blog entry by Dave | August 23, 2006

"While the Esperanza visits the Philippines, it becomes witness to the worst oil spill to ever hit the country. The crew assist in clean up efforts and help assess the damage of this disaster for the marine environment and for the...

Esperanza flotilla protest over pollution from Lafayette's mine in Rapu Rapu

Blog entry by Dave | August 23, 2006

© Gavin Newman/Greenpeace The Esperanza is now at the island of Rapu Rapu in the Philippines, leading a flotilla of 70 protesting boats against the Lafayette Mining company's "There are 67 of them. Wooden outriggers in light blue,...

Marseille: Rainbow Warrior Blocked-In by Fishing Boats

Blog entry by Dave | August 23, 2006

© Greenpeace The Rainbow Warrior arrived in Marseille at aroud 8.15am, as part of it's Mediterranean Tuna campaign - it's anchored currently a mile outside the harbour entrance, and completely blocked in by 25 French fishing vessels!

Ocean Defenders TV: Lebanon Oil Spill

Blog entry by Dave | August 23, 2006

Check this amazing - if shocking - underwater footage taken by scuba divers surveying the oil spill in the Lebanon. "Apart from being a human tragedy, the recent conflict between Israel and Lebanon is also an environmental disaster.

Mumrinskiy: Russian Pirate Ship Caught in Amsterdam

Blog entry by Dave | August 21, 2006 4 comments

© Greenpeace/Karel Zwaneveld. Activists paint 'Stop Pirate Fishing' on the side of the 'pirate' Russian ship Mumrinskiy This morning, our activists managed to halt the unloading of a Russian ship, the Mumrinskiy at Eemshaven in...

Norway Kills Less Whales Than Planned!

Blog entry by Dave | August 21, 2006 6 comments

Norway - the only country in the world to openly conduct commercial whaling (Japan and Iceland hide behind the flimsy veil of 'scientific whaling'), is failing to reach it's Minke whale quota for this year. Excellent news! This year...

Philippines spill witnessed first hand

Blog entry by Dave | August 21, 2006

© Greenpeace / Newman. Activists and fishermen attempting to use oil booms made from local materials to protect beaches from spilled bunker oil. Of course, as soon as I posted my oil spills roundup , Andrew's posted a more detailed...

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