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The Appeal of the Commons

Blog entry by Dave | 1 December, 2006

I came across an intriguing article today, in the September/October issue of . It's by Peter Barnes , co-founder and president of Working Assets . I couldn't find a copy of it on Adbusters, but I found variations of the articles -...

Art 4 Oceans - Get involved!

Blog entry by Dave | 1 December, 2006 1 comment

Check this out - over the last few months, the Defending our Oceans team have been asking artists from around the world to become Ocean Defenders and show us how they've been influenced by our oceans.         Not involved...

Warmongering? Fight climate change instead!

Blog entry by Dave | 30 November, 2006 2 comments

I've just been reading a fantastic blog by George Monbiot - on the strange things going between the UK government and defence industry. Or maybe they're not strange at all... maybe it's the same old malarkey. "On Friday, the...

Bizarre deep sea life found off coast of New Zealand

Blog entry by Dave | 30 November, 2006

An team of scientists from the United States and New Zealand have found "bizarre deep-sea communities" living around methane seeps off New Zealand's east coast. And no, it's not a colony of sea monkeys . Quiet at the back! "The...

When sea lions attack!

Blog entry by Andrew | 30 November, 2006

There's been a spate of sea lion attacks in San Francisco, and in other parts of the US. Scientists are unsure why. Most philosophical explanation: "People should understand these animals are out there not to attack people or humans...

The end of seafood

Blog entry by Andrew | 30 November, 2006

National Geographic has run a good reality check interview with Scripps Institute oceanographer Dr. Jeremy Jackson. He says, "We will never be able to fish at the level we have been fishing." But goes on to point out that the damage...

Amazon soya campaign wins BBC food gong

Blog entry by Jamie | 30 November, 2006

Usually, winning a campaign is good enough in itself but winning an award on top of that has to be the cherry on the cake. Or, in this case, the sesame seeds on top of a squishy white bun. We were nominated by the good listeners of...

November 2006: The month in photographs

Blog entry by Dave | 29 November, 2006 1 comment

© Greenpeace / Alex Hofford "28 November 2006 - A few days after our dive near Espíritu Santo - where we sent a message to the Mexican government: "Marine Reserves now!" - the decree was finally signed and the area will now be...

Humpback whales have 'human' brain cells, according to some science folk

Blog entry by Dave | 29 November, 2006 4 comments

© Innerspace Visions / James D. Watt Well, this may have profound implications for the future of whales - some of them may be smarter than we had previously thought! Humpback whales have a type of brain cell seen only in humans,...

Making Waves comes 10th out of the top 100 Best Green Bloggers

Blog entry by Dave | 29 November, 2006 1 comment

Making Waves got an email this morning, from the Greenpeace UK webteam. It seems we've been listed as number 10 in the best UK green blogs by The Daily (Maybe) blog. Of course, we're delighted to have gained this recognition -...

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