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Monsanto in dumping scandal

Blog entry by Martin Lloyd | 12 February, 2007 1 comment

Here's the thing about toxic chemicals. You dump them, and for a while you don't hear anything about it. Then 30 years later someone has to pay 100 million pounds to clean up your mess. Read the article here As Joel Bakan points...

SSCS and whalers clash

Blog entry by Andrew | 12 February, 2007 5 comments

There was an incident a few hours ago where the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society ships clashed with one of the ships in the whaling fleet. You can read everything we know about it in Dave's weblog from on board the Esperanza. ...

Picture tells a thousand words

Blog entry by Richard | 9 February, 2007 3 comments

In what is becoming a tradition, a photo taken by Daniel Beltra for Greenpeace has won a prize in the World Press Photo competition. The photo below won 2nd prize in the 'Contemporary Issues' section of the world's permier photo...


Blog entry by Agnes de Rooij | 9 February, 2007

Last week in Paris the IPCC launched their so-called FAR, the Fourth Assessment Report. For years, the best scientists around the world have worked on this report, and they have now concluded that humans are (most likely) responsible...

The Arctic Sunrise Leaves The Netherlands

Blog entry by Lisa | 8 February, 2007

As this beautiful city turned into a white winter wonderland this afternoon, the Arctic Sunrise departed for the UK. She's been here in the Netherlands since before Christmas. First of all she had some maintenance and painting done and...

Angry kid: We're not talking about THE future. It's MY future.

Blog entry by Brian Fitzgerald | 8 February, 2007

Our French office put this together for their climate-change site: Look out, you rock and rollers.

Tools for thinking

Blog entry by Martin Lloyd | 8 February, 2007 6 comments

I'm a longtime fan of brainstorming techniques and methods for making the most out of meetings and that kind of stuff. Last week I was reading this post at the excellent Creating Passionate Users blog, and was reminded of IDEOs...

Green my Apple gets SXSW nomination

Blog entry by tom | 5 February, 2007 5 comments

Good news reached the web team here in Amsterdam on Friday - our Green my Apple website has been nominated for a SXSW web award . South by Southwest is a very cool interactive, film and music festival that takes place every year in...

Court-martial begins of war objector Lt. Watada

Blog entry by Andrew | 5 February, 2007 1 comment

He's not a pacifist, he's ready to serve, he doesn't even blame the Army for going after him, but as a matter of conscience he would rather do the four years in jail than go to Iraq. Every news story you read about Watada will have...

Planet fries while Exxon laughes all the way to bank

Blog entry by Andrew | 4 February, 2007

Thanks for catching that story Martin. In other (not unrelated news), Exxon/Esso has posted record profits, again. The New York Daily News has my favorite sum up: Black gold helped Exxon Mobil make a record-setting profit of...

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