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Wolfowitz gone - who's next at the World Bank?

Blog entry by Andrew | 23 May, 2007 3 comments

As you've probably already heard, Paul Wolfowitz has announce he's resigning from the World Bank at the end of June. While some are still lauding his ' accomplishments ' and others pondering the man's next career move , mostly folks...

Save the Dugong!

Blog entry by brianfit | 23 May, 2007 2 comments

© Greenpeace / Jeremy Sutton-Hibbert Karli, our oceans campaigner just back from leading our Southern Ocean Whale Expedition , writes: Two years ago, the Greenpeace ship Rainbow Warrior visited Henoko in Okinawa , Japan. The...

Caterpillars and contracts: first-hand reports from the Congo rainforest

Blog entry by Jamie | 22 May, 2007

On Thursday, I found myself at Portcullis House, an imposing edifice that sits across the road from the main Houses of Parliament building in London. The occasion was a panel discussion hosted by Greenpeace and (deep breath) the ...

Migrating Human Whale

Blog entry by Brian Fitzgerald | 22 May, 2007

One thousand schoolchildren send an SOS for whale protection and launch the Migrating Human Whale Project from the shores of Loreto Bay National Marine Park in Baja, Mexico. This is the first of eight Human Whale aerial images...

Dear Exxon

Blog entry by brianfit | 22 May, 2007

Exxon announced in February that they had given up funding climate sceptics (or skeptics, for you Americans) to great fanfare. But when our researchers looked into their tax records we discovered that Exxon was in fact lying . ...

17 whale deaths every 30 minutes

Blog entry by brianfit | 21 May, 2007 19 comments

While politicians and bureaucrats talk, activists in Germany presented evidence of environmental crime at the Brandenburg Gate. They set out 17 dead whales and dolphins, which were collected in the last weeks along European coasts.

AzG Charity Cup: Playing for Peace

Blog entry by miko | 21 May, 2007

Unite for Peace. UNICEF popularised the catch phrase when it teamed up with FIFA in promoting peace through football. Last weekend, 14 non-government organisations fielded teams for the annual AzG Charity Cup held at the AVV Sloterdijk...

Clean green New Zealand ?

Blog entry by nick | 18 May, 2007

Down here in New Zealand we like to say we're very clean and green but the truth is ... well ... we're not as green as we'd have you believe. The Prime Minister has of late spouted forth some very green sounding rhetoric telling us...

Wanted - Energy Revolution leader for Asia

Blog entry by MartinB | 17 May, 2007 1 comment

Athena is the face of Greenpeace's climate and energy campaign in Asia. She has just returned from Kyoto, where she led a team pressuring the Asian Development Bank to put their money where their mouths are and invest in Clean Energy.

Klimaschutz Camp in Berlin

Blog entry by miko | 14 May, 2007

by Miko Alino, SG Pilipinas More Reductions Please! Rains and cold weather were no match against our high spirits as we demanded Bundestag members to wake up and take action against climate change. Greenpeace activists,...

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