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Breaking Waves - The Pirate of the Pacific runs aground in Bali!

Blog entry by Lisa | 16 July, 2008 1 comment

We've just learned that the longliner (Ho Tsai Fa 18) - which we recently confronted in the Pacific Commons not once but twice - has run aground on the reef in Bali under suspicious circumstances! The Sydney Morning Herald...

Apple posts iPhone 3G 'Environmental Status Report'

Blog entry by tom | 15 July, 2008 2 comments

Last week we called out Apple on the lack of any environmental info on the new iPhone 3G. Pre-launch publicity and specs for the new MacBook Air and iMac included info on how Apple was making progress on eliminating the worst toxic...

Junichi and Toru out on bail!!!

Blog entry by Andrew | 15 July, 2008 3 comments

After 26 days in custody, Junichi and Toru are out on bail.I'm relieved they finally get to go home to be with their families. Still, justice will not be done until a proper investigation of the whale meat scandal happens. The...

Philips takes baby steps on recycling

Blog entry by tom | 15 July, 2008 2 comments

We've been pressuring the consumer electronics company Philips to improve its regressive position on recycling recently . Yesterday they got back to us with a few tiny improvements . Philips stands out as the only major company that...

Senator Craig’s Tour de Farce

Blog entry by Justin | 15 July, 2008

US Senator Larry Craig toured Areva’s nuclear facilities in France at the beginning of July. Writing about his holiday, ‘as a guest of its government’ (he means ‘of its taxpayers’), Larry described Areva’s sites as ‘outstanding’. To...

Thoughtless headline of the day

Blog entry by Justin | 15 July, 2008

‘ Areva in uranium drive to tap nuclear boom ’ ‘Nuclear’ and ‘boom’ are not two words that should go together in the same sentence. (Actually, we don’t mind. ‘Nuclear boom’ at least describes the situation more honestly than ‘...

Areva uranium leak update

Blog entry by Justin | 15 July, 2008 2 comments

More details are emerging about just what happened in the aftermath of the leak at the Tricastin nuclear site in southern France last week where thousands of litres of a uranium solution reached local rivers. While local residents...

Quote of the day

Blog entry by Justin | 15 July, 2008

Here, according to energy news agency Platts , is Ed Cummins, vice president of regulatory affairs and standardization for Westinghouse, on the topic of the cost of building one of his company’s reactors… At a conference in late June...

Amnesty support for Junichi and Toru (the Tokyo Two)

Blog entry by Andrew | 15 July, 2008

Amnesty International has sent a letter to the prime minister of Japan expressing "deep concern" about the detention of Junichi and Toru. From the Amnesty press release : “We are also concerned that their detention, the charges...

Reactor of the Week #1: Bataan, Philippines

Blog entry by Justin | 15 July, 2008

Welcome to Reactor of the Week, Nuclear Reaction’s profiling of the nuclear reactors and power plants whose reputations have made the nuclear industry the global laughing stock it is today. Meet gorgeous, pouting Bataan, from the...

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