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New World Bank head nominated

Blog entry by Andrew | 30 May, 2007 1 comment

More from Daniel, one of our political advisors, on changes at the World Bank: Bush has done it again. The US President has put loyalty ahead of merit by choosing Robert Zoellick as the new head of the World Bank . I have known...

Food for thought on whaling and Japan

Blog entry by Andrew | 30 May, 2007 2 comments

This morning Keiko (press officer for Greenpeace Japan) sent me an article from the Asahi Shimbun (a major Japanese newspaper). It makes me wish I understood Japanese culture better. If this was in a UK or US newspaper I'd suspect the...

Ark on Mt. Ararat

Blog entry by Andrew | 29 May, 2007 1 comment

© Greenpeace/Manuel Citak Carried up by 40 horses and assembled by a team of international volunteers, it's a replica of Noah's Ark on the mountain where some say it came to rest. From the construction team's weblog : "Our aim...

Of tuna and turtles

Blog entry by brianfit | 29 May, 2007

©Greenpeace/Care The Rainbow Warrior is currently on a three-month expedition in the Mediterranean, calling for the creation of marine reserves in the region, as part of a global network of protected areas covering 40% of our seas...

Finland: activists enter day 2 of nuke occupation

Blog entry by brianfit | 29 May, 2007 3 comments

Greenpeace activists in Finland spent the night 80 meters in the air on a crane at a nuclear power plant under construction in Olkiluoto. The protest is a direct reaction to the quality problems at the construction site, which has lead...

Karneval der Kulturen - Berlin

Blog entry by miko | 28 May, 2007 2 comments

by Miko Alino, SG Pilipinas The unpredictable European showers were not a factor as cheers and applause from the crowd drowned the rains at the Karneval der Kulturen in Berlin last weekend. Greenpeace Youth and Solar Generation...

US harpoons G8 climate language in leaked document

Blog entry by Andrew | 25 May, 2007 2 comments

Daniel has just sent me a leaked internal document from the G8 negotiations. I don't know where he gets these and I'm not going to ask. The original is a MS Word document with track changes revealing edits by the Bush administration.

Activist murdered in Mexico

Blog entry by brianfit | 25 May, 2007 42 comments

This just in from our colleagues in Mexico: Hi all, I'm very sad to inform you that the son of one of our indigenous allies against illegal logging in the Great Water Forest [in Mexico] was murdered last week by four loggers.

Wolfowitz gone - who's next at the World Bank?

Blog entry by Andrew | 23 May, 2007 3 comments

As you've probably already heard, Paul Wolfowitz has announce he's resigning from the World Bank at the end of June. While some are still lauding his ' accomplishments ' and others pondering the man's next career move , mostly folks...

Save the Dugong!

Blog entry by brianfit | 23 May, 2007 2 comments

© Greenpeace / Jeremy Sutton-Hibbert Karli, our oceans campaigner just back from leading our Southern Ocean Whale Expedition , writes: Two years ago, the Greenpeace ship Rainbow Warrior visited Henoko in Okinawa , Japan. The...

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