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The dress rehearsal is over

Blog entry by nick | 28 February, 2007

Yesterday we launched the New Zealand version of the Energy [r]evolution report and man it's sobering reading. The standout quote is perhaps this one: It has been said that the entire history of the environmental movement has...

Nuclear Free for all - beware of Britons bearing radioactive gifts

Blog entry by brianfit | 27 February, 2007

Mike, our resident antinuclear Scotsman spotted an interesting bit of news today. Mike is a part of the Rainbow Warrior's Middle East Peace tour : "In the gulf we have the discretion to build what we want" so says Lady Barbara...

Giving up the car

Blog entry by Martin Lloyd | 27 February, 2007 1 comment

Author Iain (M) Banks has given up his car collection, and cut back to a single hybrid vehicle. He gives a brief explanation here . Reading this made me take a moment to reflect on my own experiences with ditching the car. About a...

The work goes on

Blog entry by Martin Lloyd | 26 February, 2007

With the Nisshin Maru seemingly en route back to Japan whaling will probably be dropping out of the headlines in the next few weeks. Meanwhile though the campaign goes on, and as you can see here there's always a lot of interest in...

Nuclear weapons base blockaded in Scotland

Blog entry by sunrise | 23 February, 2007 1 comment

By Rebecca on the Trident: We don't buy it tour I’m sitting on the Greenpeace ship Arctic Sunrise. We have a flotilla of smaller Greenpeace inflatable boats at our bow – six inflatables and some canoes - and are steaming towards...

Warhol and whales

Blog entry by Richard | 22 February, 2007

So today is the 20th anniversary of the death of pop culture artist Andy Warhol. The celebrated artist died unexpectedly on this day in 1987 after undergoing a gall bladder operation. As a tribute to the artist and in keeping with our...

Earth, Fire, Ice...and clingfilm

Blog entry by Adele | 21 February, 2007

A shameless plug now for a friend of mine who braved London's Milennium Bridge wrapped in cling film to promote his new campaign against global warming. Earth Fire Ice co-founders Sean Cornwell and Ed Stumpf have set off to compete...

Three times a loser

Blog entry by Richard | 21 February, 2007

For the third time, European Environment Ministers have blocked a European Commission (EC) proposal to force member countries to accept the cultivation of genetically engineered (GE) crops on their soil. This time it was Hungary who...

Bright idea? Australia bans incandescent bulbs

Blog entry by Adele | 20 February, 2007

At last something nice to say about Australia and climate (and I'm not talking about the sunny summer that has seen my dad's garden go brown because of water restrictions). Australia has banned incandescent light bulbs as of 2010, and...

The Infinite Loop response that never was

Blog entry by tom | 20 February, 2007

For our Green my Apple campaign I've been watching the online buzz on blogs about the campaign closely. An influential blog on Apple is Infinite Loop . Back at the start of January, Infinite Loop ran an article claiming that "EPA...

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