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Stars protest Nuclear Weapons

Blog entry by Martin Lloyd | 19 February, 2007

About time too Pop culture has been a-political for too long.

16th of feb - by Marie Ann Lee

Blog entry by Agnes de Rooij | 19 February, 2007

The past couple of weeks have been the most stressful ever. Personally, it’s been the busiest period of my life being a graduating student and all, and adding to the bulk of school work expected of me was planning for the Solar...

World won't forgive whalers for disaster: NZ PM

Blog entry by Adele | 19 February, 2007 3 comments

According to AAP and various other news sources, New Zealand Prime Minister Helen Clark called on Japanese whalers to deal with their damaged vessel in Antarctic waters or face international outrage if it caused an environmental...

Kleenex boxes come with Kleercut message

Blog entry by tom | 18 February, 2007 2 comments

Great activism story from the Washington Post : "Wiping away ancient forests," warned a note found inside a box bought recently at a drug store in New York by a stuffy-nosed reporter. "Here's a little secret that Kimberly-Clark, the...

Greenpeace wins nuclear legal challenge in UK

Blog entry by Jamie | 15 February, 2007 1 comment

It's been a good day here in the UK. Several months ago, we launched a legal case against the government's flawed energy review which backed a new generation of nuclear power stations. The case we brought to challenge that decision was...

Amsterdam Whale Love

Blog entry by Andrew | 14 February, 2007 1 comment

Some members of the Amsterdam whales cyber team and some staff hit the streets today - passing out roses and Valentines Day cards to Japanese tourists. Each card had a whale friendly Valentines Day poem written by Greenpeace...

And happy Valentine's to you too, Mr Branson!

Blog entry by Adele | 14 February, 2007

Well you never know who you'll bump into when you pop out in Washington DC, particularly when dressed as a giant red heart. This just in from our round-the-world Valentine-o-rama for the whales -- Karen reports that the giant love...

Arctic Sunrise in the UK to sink Trident replacement

Blog entry by Jamie | 14 February, 2007 2 comments

While all the whale love is in full swing around the world, here in the UK there's a marine project of a slightly different nature under way, although in this case our focus is on submarines. Nothing cute about them, particularly the...

Brian's 25 years

Blog entry by tom | 12 February, 2007 10 comments

Today marks the 25 years in Greenpeace of the person currently at the helm of the mothership – our Chief webby and self-confessed eco-geek , Brian Fitzgerald. Long before anyone had even thought about a having a website...

Monsanto in dumping scandal

Blog entry by Martin Lloyd | 12 February, 2007 1 comment

Here's the thing about toxic chemicals. You dump them, and for a while you don't hear anything about it. Then 30 years later someone has to pay 100 million pounds to clean up your mess. Read the article here As Joel Bakan points...

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